Composing and performing a great piece of music is not unlike producing and carefully aging a great bourbon. Both take time, both take great care and practice, and both produce something worthy of a standing ovation.

In collaboration with our partners at the RPO, Black Button has decided to meld both great arts through an experimental process known as sonic aging. By playing a piece of music directly to the aging barrel, the pulsating sound waves agitate the bourbon making it more vibrant and flavorful. The agitator chosen for this experiment was the RPO’s own performance of Beethoven’s Overture from Egmont. A piece perfectly suited to sonic aging. While the overture begins more reserved, it builds to themes of heroic defiance representing the underlying tones of the play. The strength of the brass and the percussion are especially key to creating the vibrations for this aging process. The piece concludes in a victorious Fortissimo, just as the character of the bourbon it has helped mature.

We look forward to releasing this bourbon with a date to be announced shortly.

Jason Barrett Owner, Founder, and Master Distillery at Black Button Distilling

“In working with our partners at the RPO, it seemed natural to bring music and bourbon together through this sonic aging project. While other distillers have chosen music from the likes of Metallica and Pearl Jam, Black Button specifically partnered with the RPO to bring a more refined and complex character to our bourbon. We are excited for the local community to taste, listen, and experience the collaboration of our two great Rochester institutions. Cheers!”


In this special interview, Program Manager Alex Hunnell walks us through the sonic aging process, while Music Director Andreas Delfs offers more insight behind the music that was chosen to help create this special edition whiskey.

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This is our Classic Mash bill featured in our Flagship Four Grain Bourbon, which has aged 4 Years and 4 Months, however this Bourbon spent its final 6 months sonic aging. We specially selected a single barrel to be sonic aged.

Once released there will be only about 120 bottles available.

Black Button Distilling Sonic Aged Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Corn 60%
Wheat 20%
Malted Barley 11%
Rye 9%