RPO George Eastman Legacy Society

George Eastman
Legacy Society

Members of the RPO George Eastman Legacy Society are true believers in the power of music.  The RPO George Eastman Legacy Society honors those individuals who remember the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra through a planned gift.  The RPO’s team of development professionals are available to work with you and your advisors to create a plan that will help you meet your financial and philanthropic goals.


For more information, please contact the Development Office at 585.454.7311.


Marie Aklin*

Betty Jane Altier*

Alva Angle*

Don J. and Edith B. Arganbright**

Catherine N. Asmuth*

Jean Boynton Baker*

John B. and Margaret Barnell*

Walter J.* and Jeanne M. Beecher

Walter S. Beecher

Nancy and Harry Beilfuss**

Carol and John Bennett

Jack and Carolyn Bent

Donald Berens*

Ellen S. Bevan

Stuart and Betsy Bobry

James R. Boehler*

Marilyn Bondy

Beverly T. Bowen*

John W.* and Margaret Z. Branch

William and Ruth Cahn&

Mary Allison Callaway and Paul R. Callaway*

Catherine B. Carlson*

Norris F. Carlson*

Margaret J. Carnall*

Joan and Paul Casterline**&

Nancy A. Clemens*

Barbara Colucci

Christine Colucci

Dr. and Mrs. John J. Condemi**

Mary Consler*

Maurice and Bernice Cornell**

Alfred L. Davis*

Barbara Dechario*

Sally and John Dineen**

Paul Donnelly

Janis Dowd* and Daan Zwick*

Amelia N. Dunbar*

Frederick Dushay

Richard and Harriet Eisenberg*

James T. and Ellen Englert&

John R. Ertle*

Glenn and Rebecca Fadner

Ruth H. Fairbank*

Joan and Harold* Feinbloom

Albert Fenyvessy*

Donald and Elizabeth Fisher

Suressa and Richard H. Forbes**

Catherine and Elmar Frangenberg

Carolyn and Roger Friedlander

Betsy Friedman&

Karyl P. Friedman

Linda and David Friedman

Patrick and Barbara Fulford&

Ron and Marilyn Furman**&

William L. Gamble*

Sharon Garelick

Rob W. Goodling

Mary M. Gooley*

Barbara Jean Gray-Gottorff*

George Greer*

Jean Groff*

William B. Hale*

Mrs. Laura J. Hameister

Marilyn* and Dick Hare

Karen G. Hart*

Monica R. Hayden*

Warren and Joyce Heilbronner

Helen and George E. Heller**

David W. Hinz*

Jean Hitchcock

Norman L. Horton

Mrs. Samter Horwitz*

H. Larry and Dorothy C. Humm

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hursh*

Carol A. Jones

Dr. Ralph F. Jozefowicz&

Nancie R. Kennedy*

Robert T. Kimbrough*

Glenn and Nancy Koch

Jim and Marianne Koller**

Ross P. Lanzafame, Esq.&

Jeanne Lareau*

Marshall and Lenore* Lesser

Drs. Jacques* and Dawn Lipson

Sue and Michael Lococo

William C.* and Elfriede K. Lotz

Cricket and Frank Luellen**

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mahar

Linda Malinich*

Joseph J. Mancini

Gerard Mayer*

John T. McAdam*

Pete* and Sally Merrill

Robert J. and Marcia Wishengrad Metzger

Dan Meyers

Mrs. Elizabeth O. Miller*

Jane E. Miller*

Mary L. Mitchell*

Deanne Molinari

Eleanor Morris*

Mrs. Marjorie Morris*

Paul Marc and Pamela Miller Ness&

Patricia McCurdy Morse*

John S. Muenter

Diane F. Nelson*

Carolyn Noble*

Margaret Paaschen*

Mary Anne Palermo

Ms. Lydia Susan Palmer

Eleanor T. Patterson*

Suzanne F. Powell

Ernest Rashiatore*

Eileen D. Ramos*

William and Jean-Vincent Rapp**

Marjorie Cohen Relin*

Doris Repenter*

Dr. Ramon L. and Judith S. Ricker

Dr. Suzanne H. Rodgers*

Dick* and Bea Rosenbloom

Elise and Stephen* Rosenfeld

Pearl W. Rubin*

Wallace R. Rust

Ron and Sharon Salluzzo&

Wesley Saucke

Peggy W. Savlov

James G. Scanzaroli*

David G. and Antonia T. Schantz

William and Susan Schoff

Peter Schott and Mary Jane Tasciotti

Jon L. and Katherine T. Schumacher&

Laura M. Seifferd*

Libba and Wolf Seka

Gretchen Shafer*

Virginia Durand Shelden*

Elbis A. Shoales, M.D.

Carol Shulman

Anna Rita Staffieri*

Ingrid Stanlis

Abby and David Stern

Patricia E. Stott

Betty Strasenburgh*

Martha Ann* and Daniel Tack

Amanda Tierson

Ivan Town*

Carol Van Hoesen*

Elizabeth Van Horn*

Ann and Robert Van Niel**

Harry and Ruth Walker

Lewis and Patricia Ward-Baker

Margaret Webster*

Fred M. Wechsler*

Robin and Michael* Weintraub

Jean B. Wetzel*

Patricia and Michael Wilder**

Mildred Wischmeyer*

Kitty J. Wise&

Helen W. Witt*

Mary Alice and Robert Wolf*

Susan and Lawrence Yovanoff

Nancy and Mark Zawacki

Alan Ziegler and Emily Neece

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Zornow


* Denotes donor(s) is/are deceased.
& Denotes donor(s) has/have contributed to the 100& RPO Centennial Campaign.