Individual Donor Recognition

With tremendous gratitude,

The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the generous individuals listed here who help us continue to enrich and inspire the community through the art of music.  While space only permits us to list pledged gifts made at the Adagio level and above in the printed program book, we value the generosity and vital support of all donors and have moved all donors ($500+) to be listed in our digital edition donor roll on  Listings are in recognition of our current donors from December 1, 2020 through December 1, 2021.  If we have made an error or omission on this list, please accept our sincere apologies and please contact us at [email protected] so we may correct our oversight in the next edition.

$25,000 and above


Stephen and Janice Ashley

Jim and Maria Boucher

Allen* and Joyce Boucher

 (M)Christine Colucci

The Dumm Family

Barbara and Patrick Fulford

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Furman

Suzanne Gouvernet

Dr. Ralph F. Jozefowicz

Dr. Dawn F. Lipson

Laurel Pace

Larry and Elizabeth Rice

Deborah Ronnen and Sherman Levey*

Nellie Rosenberg

Mrs. Robert M. Santo

Louise Woerner and Don Kollmorgen

Robert A. Woodhouse



Mr. and Mrs. Robert Becker

William L. and Ruth P. Cahn

The Gertrude Chanler RPO Fund at the RACF

Mary Cowden

Alison and John Currie

Elizabeth and George Daddis, Jr.

Karen Duguid and Wallace Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Englert

Harold* and Joan Feinbloom

Marjorie and James Fulmer

Evelyn J. Garufo

Gianniny Family Fund II at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

Mrs. Robert Gulick

Norman Horton

Nancie and Duncan Kennedy

Nancy and David Lane

Ross P. Lanzafame

Jack McGowan and Kathleen Muscato

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Millard

Drs. Avice and Timothy O’Connor

Pace Family Fund

David Rakov

Nathan J. and Susan S. Robfogel

Sunny* and Haskell* Rosenberg

Ron and Sharon Salluzzo

Mr. Wesley Sauke

Sandra and Richard Stein

Josephine S. Trubek

Krestie Utech


Robert E. and Carol G. Achilles

Marvin and Frederica Amstey

Allan Anderson

Elaine Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Angevine, Jr.

Dave and Jan Angus


Bob and Jody Asbury

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Bates

William J. Beenhouwer

Carol and John Bennett

Barbara Berman

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bielaska, Jr.

Black-Murphy Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

Nelson Blish

Stuart and Betsy Bobry

Barbara and John Bruning

Sharon and Philip Burke

Mary Ellen Burris

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan D. Calkins

Jane A. Capellupo

Betsy and John Carver

Joan and Paul Casterline

Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Chapman

Robert and Susan Chapman in memory of Lucille Giglia

Diana R. Clarkson, Esq.

Barbara A. Colucci

Dr. John Condemi

Joyce Crofton

Roy Czernikowski and Karin Dunnigan

Karen E. Dau

Stephanie and Douglas Dickman

Tex and Nicki Doolittle

William and Cynthia Dougherty

Dr. Eric Dreyfuss*

Michele Dryer

Rufus K. Dryer II

Frederick Dushay, M.D. in memory of Anita B. Dushay

William Eggers and Deborah McLean

Larry and Kas Eldridge

Carol and Tom Elliott

Gerald G. Estes

Dr. Paul Fine

Robert P. Fordyce

Jonathan Foster

Dr. and Mrs. Elmar Frangenberg

Jeff and Alleen* Fraser

Shirley B. and Kevin Frick

Dan Fultz

David and Patricia Gardner

Paul and Carol Goldberg

Bruce Goldman

Deborah G. Goldman

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Goldstein

Rob W. Goodling

Debbie and Michael Gordon

Janet and Roger Gram

Susan and James Haefner

The Hallowell Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

David and MaryAnn Hamilton

George and Mary Hamlin

John and Ruth Hazzard

Amy R. Hecker and Howard S. Decker

Warren and Joyce Heilbronner

David and Barrie Heiligman

Andrew E. Holliday

Jacqueline Holliday

Mrs. Priscilla Hooke

Dr. Jack and Harriette Howitt

H. Larry and Dorothy C. Humm

Ann and Marc Iacona

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Ierardi

Leslie H. Jacobs in memory of her husband, Stephen D. Jacobs

Dr. and Mrs. Harold Kanthor

Daryl and Charles* Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kennedy

Marie and Charlie Kenton

Karen and Laurence Kessler

Richard and Karen Knowles

Glenn and Nancy Koch

Elsbeth J. Kozel

Harold and Christine Kurland

Jeffrey LaBarge

Joanne Lang

Jeanne Lareau*

Connie Leary and James O’Connell

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Leone, Jr.

Barbara L. Lobb

Edith M. Lord

Swaminathan and Janice Madhu

Dan and Kiki Mahar

Joseph J. Mancini

Diana Marquis

Saul and Susan Marsh

Mr. Lawrence Martling

William and Erin McCune, in memory of Vera McCune

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J.C. McCurdy*

Gilbert Kennedy McCurdy

Bruce and Eleanor McLear

Mrs. James R. McMillen

Jonathan Mink and Janet Crenshaw

Dr. Gary and Ruth Myers

William J. O’Connor, Jr.

Joyce and Victor Poleshuck

Alice and Andrew Publow

Kathy Purcell

Nancy and Vincent Reale

Cary Ratcliff

Drs. Chris and Doria Ritchlin

Marion Swett Robinson

John B. Rumsey and Elizabeth Pine

Drs. Carl and O.J. Sahler

David and Antonia Schantz

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Schenck

Katherine T. and Jon L. Schumacher

George J. Schwartz, M.D., and Paula Maier

Richard and Vicki Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Seymour

Sonja and Wayne Shelton

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Sobel

Bob and Gayle Stiles

David and Grace* Strong

Mimi and Sam Tilton

Gary and Marie VanGraafeiland

Skip and Karen Warren

Stephen R. Webb

Robin and Michael* Weintraub

Dr. and Mrs. Tae B. Whang

Mrs. Frederick C. White

Kitty J. Wise

Charlotte J. Wright

Geff and Cindy Yancey



Todd Allen

Kenneth and Sharon Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Mehdi N. Araghi

Betsy and Gerald Archibald

Gloria Baciewicz

Karen Bancroft

Ann Bauer

Anne and Steve* Bauer

Walter J.* and Jeanne M. Beecher

Stewart Beecher

David M. Berg and Dawn K. Riedy

Judith M. Binder and Barbara V. Erbland

John Bowen and Nancy Klotz

Shirley Bowen and Tracy Perkins

Judith Boyd

Simon* and Josephine Braitman

Peter W. Briggs

Priscilla and Rob Brown

Susann Brown and Terence Chrzan

Eric and Wendy Bruestle

Josephine Buckley

Brian and Mary Jane Burke

Ann Burr and A. Vincent Buzard

Carol J. Buzzard

Jeanne Carlivati

Ms. Barbara J. Case

William T. Chandler

Daren S. Chentow and Cleve L. Killingsworth, Jr.

Bill and Victoria Cherry

Jack and Barbara Clarcq

Clark Family Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

Mrs. Joan Dalberth

Dr. Joann Dale

Nancy and Sreeram Dhurjaty

Lynette Dolby and Sandra McDonald

Gail and Douglas Doonan

Rose Duver

Dr. Dianne Edger and Terry Platt

Alan Efron and Markey Hoblit

Dr. Steven and Susan Eisinger

Mohsen Emami, M.D.

Trevor and Elizabeth Ewell

Sherman and Anne Farnham

Udo Fehn and Christine Long

Evan and Elvira Felty

Thomas and Janet Fink

M. Fitzpatrick

Gail R. Flugel

Ann and Steve Fox

Ann Michelle Fox

Sandra and Neil Frankel

Evelyn Frazee and Thomas Klonick

Bob and Bobbie Freitag

Betsy Friedman

Kevin Frisch

Emerson Fullwood

Nancy and Peter Gaess

Winston E. Gaum

Mary Anna and Darrell Geib

John and Roslyn Goldman

Patricia Goodwin

Robert and Jeanne Grace

Barbara J. Granite

Ken and Katherine Grant

David Louis Guadagnino

Brigitte and Klaus Gueldenpfennig

Mr. Gary D. Haines

Jeffrey and Lynne Halik

Robert and Deborah Hall

Joan Hallenbeck

Laura Hameister and Richard Phipps

Karen G. Hart*

A. Scott Hecker

James Herman

Dr. Tomas Hernandez and Dr. Keith Reas

Dr. and Mrs. Raul Herrera

Merrill and Dianne Herrick

Tom and Nan Hildebrandt

David C. and Patricia M. Hinkle

Ian Hodge

Drs. Ryan and Makiko Hoefen

Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Holcomb Jr.

Susan and Chris Holliday

Andrew and Kathleen Holt

Marjorie S. Humphrey

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Iwan

La Marr J. Jackson, Esq.

Bruce Jacobs

The Johnson Browning Family Fund

Wallace Johnson and Karen Duguid

Maryanne Jones

Nancy Jones

Mr. Gilbert F. Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Judson, Jr.

Lori and Frank Karbel

Marjorie Karowe

Judy and Norm Karsten

Patrick and Kathleen Kelly

Robert J. Kennedy

Mr. Edward Klehr

Marcella Klein and Richard Schaeffer

Chari and Joel Krenis

Deanna and Charles Krunsenstjerna

Werner and Susan Kunz

David and Andrea Lambert

Dr. and Mrs. Leo R. Landhuis

Donna M. Landry

John and Alice Leddy

Lenore* and Marshall Lesser

T.C. and Pam Lewis

Ben Lichtin and Grace Seiberling

Ken and Katherine Lindahl

Bob and Dodie Linder

Kathy J. Lindsley

John Littwitz

Sue and Michael Lococo

Carol C. Lovell

Gwendolyn Mabie

Thomas and Sandra Madejski

Russell and Mary Lou Madsen

Pamela Krug Maloof

Mrs. Bruce P. Marshall

Rev. Mary E. Martin

Richard and Kate Massie

Carol and John Matteson

Edward G. McClive

Richard W. McGrath

Pete* and Sally Merrill

Robert J. and Marcia Wishengrad Metzger

Daniel M. Meyers

Dr. Richard and Georgia Micoli

Duane and Ida Miller

Deanne Molinari

Morning Musicale

John Muenter

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Munson

Noel and JoBeth Nichols

Jason Oaks

Margie O’jea

Robert and Betty Oppenheimer

Graham Ottoson

Glen Pearson

Douglas and Rose Peet

Rob and Jessica Perrilleon

Channing and Marie Philbrick Charitable Fund

Douglas and Diana Phillips

Allyson and Webster H. Pilcher

David C. Pixley and Laura V. Morrissey

Brock and Sandra* Powell

Bill Prest

Bill and Beverly Pullis

Robert and Anne Quivey

Rene Reixach

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Richards

Nancy Robbins

Thomas Rodgers

Richard and Margery Rosen

Hannah and Arnold Rosenblatt

Jamal and Pam Rossi

Dr. and Mrs. G. Theodore Ruckert

Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Salerno, Jr.

Drs. Eva and Jude Sauer

Gary B. Schaefer

Joan M. Schumaker

George J. Schwartz, M.D. and Paula Maier

David Segal

Dr. Jenny C. Servo and Mr. John Servo

Alice and Ken Slining

Ms. Mary Smith

Bruce and Laura Smoller

David Spector

Richard and Judith Steinheider

Georgine and James Stenger

Ann H. Stevens and William J. Shattuck

Nancy Stevens and David Williams

Aaron Stuckey

Glen and Lynne Suckling

Margaret and Charles Symington

Mark and Lois Taubman

Henry* and Ellen Thiede

Jason Thomas

Miriam Thomas

John and Janet Tyler

Mrs. Marshall Tyler

Timothy and Debbie Veazey

James and Barb Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallace

Jean and Sterling L.* Weaver

Jean C. Weaver

Irene and Alan Weinberg

Ann Weitzel

Joseph Werner and Diane Smith

Carol Whitbeck

Ed and Wilma Wierenga

James H. Willey

Herbert E Winkelman

Elise and Joseph Wojciechowski

Charles and Susan Wolfe

Elizabeth D. Woodard

Bill and Wende Young

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Zornow


Drs. Tom and Ann Adler


Rodger W. and Elga Baker

Bancroft-Tubbs Family Fund

Kathleen C. Barbehenn

Asish and Susan Basu

Hays and Karen Bell

Kate M. Bennett

Teresa and Tim Biehler

Eric and Marcia Birken

James and Lynette Blake

Richard A. Bloom, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Blumenau

James R. Boehler

William and Grace Boudway

Amy and David Bowen

Jeff and Kathy Bowen

Donald and Mary Boyd

Nancy and Andrew Brandston

Deborah Bricker

Joseph* and Nancy Briggs

Marilyn R. Brown

June Brush

Andrew Burke

Martha Button

Keith and Joan Calkins

John and Diane Caselli

Dr. Lawrence and Mrs. Rita Chessin

Victor Ciaraldi and Kathy Marchaesi

Doug Cline and Lorraine Van Meter-Cline

Nelson and Janet Cole

Cheryl Collins

Judith K. Coolidge-Fill

Elison Cramer

John and Mary Crowe

Sally Cummings

Ron and Laura D’Angelo

Jerry Davidson

Richard and Michele Decker

Jacques and Monique Delettrez

Dr. Elise dePapp

Patricia and James Dillon

Margo Dobies

Donald and Stephanie Doe

Ron Dougherty

Janet Duff

Jane Dunham

Dr. and Mrs. James Durfee

Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Eagle

D. Craig Epperson and Dr. Beth Jelsma

Louise W. Epstein

David and Anne Ferris

Elizabeth B. Fisher

Joan H. Flint

George and Marie Follett

Barbara L. Frank

Linda and David Friedman

Richard and Carol Fullerton

Richard T. Galvin

Sharon Garelick

Connie Gates and Jenny Lloyd

Mrs. Charles J. Gibson in memory of Dr. Charles Gibson

Warren and June Glaser

Rick and Nancy Goetz

Judy Gordon

Sherrill Gray

Russell and Kathleen Green

Gay Greene and Robert Goeckel

Barbara E. Gross

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Guerin

Stephen Gullace

Sue Habbersett

Robert V. Haggett

Elizabeth and Morris Haigh

Charles Hale and Dorothy Stansel

Fred and Martha Hamaker

David and Edna F. Hamlin

Joe Hammele

Martin and Sherrie Handelman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hanna

Marilyn and Dick Hare

Bob* and Maryann Hargrave

Mr. James M. Hartman

Chris and Sandra Hasenauer

Elihu Hedges

Mr. H.L. Helfer*

Michael R. Herzog

John and Donna Himmelberg

Bruce R. and Janice V. Hinman

John and Barbara Holder

Dan and Sandy Hollands

Philip and Eleanor Hopke

Carol E. Hopkins

Dr. Robert Horn and Dr. Patricia Nachman

Mr. and Mrs. John Hustler

Mr. Robert S. Hyman

Dewey Jackson

Robert and Mary* Jackson

Steven Jarose and Marvin Ritzenthaler

Ronald and Martha Jodoin

Donald H. Jones

Karen Jones

Barbara and Robert Kay

Marilyn and John Kiesling

Richard Killmer

Ann Knigge and Al Buckner

Myrta and Robert Knox

James and Sharon Kodweis

Hon. Joan S. Kohout

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Koretz

Richard and Marilyn Krager

James Kraus in memory of Elaine Primavera Kraus

Ik-Sung and Zuzanna Kwon

John and Lisa Lacci

Mr. Thomas G. Lathrop

Richard and Linda Lawrence

Deb and Gary Leary

Carolyn Leccese

Doris and Austin Leve

Dr. Pamela A. Leve

Sarah F. Liebschutz

Janet and Haines Lockhart

Maxine Long and Bill McCleary

Mrs. Elfriede K. Lotz

Mr. Robert Lowenthal

Douglas* and Marcia Lowry

Edward J. and Kathleen L. Lynd

John and Judy Lynd

Jeremiah Casey and Patrick Macey

Bill and Deb Mammosser

Caroline and Raymond Manard

Sandy and Jack Maniloff

Darlene Mante

Linda M. Marsters

Frances and Robert* Marx

Stephen Matkowsky and Elzbieta Charchalis

Dr. James Maxwell

Carolyn Mazzota and David Sek

John T. McAdam*

Dick and Sandra McGavern

John W. McNeill

Dr. George J. McVey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mees

Marion Mench

Ralph and Martha Meyer

Ken and Nancy Mihalyov

Hinda and Michael Miller

David and Cynthia Miller

Sanford and Jill Miller

Mary E. Miskell and Terrance Clar

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Moncrief

James and Geraldine Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Morgan

L. Janet Lawrence-Morse

Pastor and Mrs. Donald Muller

Dr. Philip S. Nash

Michael D. Nazar

Paul Marc and Pamela Miller Ness

Elizabeth Neureiter-Seely

Eleanor R. Newell

Jason and Lea Nordhaus

Joan and Beryl Nusbaum

Susan Nutt

Jennie Oberholzer

Suzanne J. O’Brien

W. Smith and Jean O’Brien

Deborah Onslow

Lori and Louis Osgood

Mrs. Virginia S. Pacala

Dr. Vivian Palladoro

Phil R. Palumbo

Jane Parker and Francis Cosentino

Jonathan R. Parkes and Dr. Marcia Bornhurst Parkes

David and Marjorie Perlman

Mary Ann and Jeffrey Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Peters

Thomas W. Petrillo and William R. Reamy

Dr. Lee Pollan

Everett Porter

Beth and Lyle Prairie

Brian Preston

Mary Jane Proschel

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Przybylowicz

Stan and Anne Refermat

Elizabeth and Eric Rennert

Nancy K. Rice

David* and Maggie Richey

Dr. Ramon L. and Judith S. Ricker

Robert and Ann Reimer

Ms Patricia Ristuccia

Suzanne Robinson

Dr. Gerald and Maxine Rosen

Peter Royle

Linda Rubens

Fritz Ruebeck

Hon. Franklin T. and Cynthia Russell

Ms. Yvonne J. Saner

Dr. Alvani D. and Carol M. Santos

Ed and Gabriel Saphar

Susan Scanlon and Croft K. Hangartner

Paul Schaeffer

John J. Schantz

Paul and Barbara Schmied

Nancy and David Schraver

Mr. and Mrs. William Schultz

Anthony and Gloria Sciolino

Nadia E. Sefein

Joan and Arthur Segal

Theresa A. Seil and Debra Celestino

Rich Sensenbach

Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Sexton

Robert E. and Susan H. Shapiro

Robert Hallstrom* and Lily Shaw

Naomi Silver

Daniel and Sarah Singal

Doris Smith

Robert and Norma Snyder

Nina and David Somers

Janet H. Sorensen

Sidney E. Southworth

Ms. Suzanne Spencer

Jean and Harold Stacey

Walter Stacker

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Steiner

Abby and David Stern

Bernard and Katherine Sussman

Daniel Taramasco

Doris Teamerson

David and Carol Teegarden

Alexandra Terziev and Allan Greenleaf

Chris Thomas and Catherine Cerulli

Paul Thomas

James Tobin

Celia and Doug Topping

Adam Towsley

Sally Turner

John Ulatowski

Eugene and Gloria Ulterino

Wayne and Anne Vander Byl

Thomas and Jeanne Verhulst

Timothy M. Verna

Suzanne Verstraten

Vic Vinkey

Gretchen Voss

Harry and Ruth Walker

Chris and Mara Wallingford

Lewis and Patricia Ward-Baker

Mrs. Herbert Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. David K. Weber

Charles and Carolyn Whitfield

Thomas Whitmore and Marlene Hamann-Whitmore

Susan and Paul Wilkens

Beatrice and Michael Wolford

Susan Worboys

Jeff Wright and Betty Wells

Eileen M. Wurzer

Robert G. Wyman

Susan Yee

Laura and Joel Yellin

Susan and Maurice Zauderer

Edward and Lynne Zwick


Drs. Deborah and Kim Abell

Doris Adamek

Peter and Elizabeth Affolter

Edward and Joan After

Nancy S. Alamo

Ms. Annalisa Allegro

Peter and Jane Anderson


Jasmin Antinoro

Dr. and Mrs. E. David Appelbaum

Ms. Felice Armignacco

Steve and Sharon Babbitt

Thomas L. Bantle

Maureen Baran

Martin and Margaret Barber

Danielle Barnes

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Barry

Courtney Barton

Linda C.S. Bartsch

John and Ellen Beck

Richard and Margaret Beers

Matthew Bernius

Louis* and Linda Betstadt

Marguerite I. Bird

Nancy Bird

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Bixler

Bruce and Martha Boak

Mrs. Philip P. Bonanni

Susan and Peter Bondy

John and Alexandra Bouman

John and Catherine Bovenzi

Jennifer Bowen

G.E.D. and Sandra Brady

Dr. and Mrs. Albert Brault

Daniel Bresnan

Linda Bretz

Alfred G. Brown

Cynthia and Lawrence Brown

Mrs. Vivian E. Brummer

Christina Buckley

David J. and Margaret M. Burns

Lori Busch

Christine Bustard

Mr. and Mrs. M. John Buzawa

Judith L. Byorick & Gary J. Schulze

Susan Call

John and Rhonda Callard

Eliza Calvin

Bill and Julie Capossere

Gerard and Joanne Caschette

Brendan Casey

Robert and Barbara Castle

Gary R. Chadwick

Barry Childs

Ted and Winnie Cichanowicz

Timothy Clancy

Gloria and Pincus Cohen

Marilyn Colby

Tom and Fran Collier

Patrick* and Linda Condry

Joyce and Brian Connolly

Sally and Sandy Constine, M.D.

Toby Cook

Dr. Margaret Corbin

Russell and Joanne Cordaro

Lynellen Corryn

Ian Cox

Elsa and Paul Craig

Thomas L Cummings and Beverly A. Ludke

Alan Curle

Cathy Cushman and Jeff Sokol

Ms. Lin Czop

Janice and Robert Daitz

Susan Dantoni

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Davies

Robert Davis

Lawrence and Elaine Dearstyne

Robert and Sandi DeBruycker

Danielle Dehm

James Derleth in memory of Bernadette A. Derleth

Gary and Debbie Di Francesco

Kathleen Dill

Mr. Daniel E. Diloreto

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Dintruff

Joseph and Barbara Dooley

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Dustman

Wendy L. Dworkin

Daniel Dwyer

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Eaton

Roger Eibl

Stephen and Marjorie Elder

Dr. Gary R. Elling

Ronald and Bonnie Epner

Mr. and Mrs. James Esser

Dr. Beverly Evans

Chris Farnum and Mary Jo Brach

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Faulkner

Cheryl and Robert Fehnel

Joan and Harold* Feinbloom

Mr. David A. Ferren

Jeremy Ferris

Jens and Jocelyn Fiederer

Staff of Finger Lakes Dental Care, PC

Clara S. Firth

Almon Fisher

James A. Frackenpohl and Dr. George Corella

Ruth Freeman

Judith Fulmer

David and Marcia Gann

Ellen Garfinkel

M. Lois Gauch

Eileen Gerace

Giambattista Family

Richard and Joyce Gilbert

Anne Gilson

Martin and Michele Gingras

Mr. Thomas Glisson

John and Leslie Glynn

Jennifer Goheen

Joy Goodman

Gary Goodwin

Regina M. Gortych

Jeremy and Hilda C. Grace

Ken Graci

Dr. Elaine F. Greene

Kathleen Griswold

Joanna and Michael Grosodonia

Mr. Robert C. Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Grossman

Barbara M. Hackett

John and Linda Haight

Mrs. Patricia Hainen

Gloria Hall

Dorothy J. Halligan

Rod Ham

Dr. Benjamin Hammond

Joan Holub Handfield

Ronald W. Hansen

Carol Hardy

Karen Harmon

Warren and Donna Hasman

William and Patricia Hayles

Shelby Haynes

K.L. Hersam and Paul Sawicki

Ms. Susan Herzberg

Jack Hicks

Steve Hill

Marie Hoepfl

Sheila Hollander

Audrey W. Holly

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Holmes

Richard and Donna Hooker

Tala and Mark Hopkins

Mrs. Beryl Houpt

Cynthia L. Howk

Mrs. Jay W. Howk

Leslie and Sam Huey

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Husson

John and Diane Hust

Frank Interlichia

James and Sherrill Ison

Ms. Emily Jamberdino

Hank and Cynthia C. Jankowski

Gail and Howard Jehan

Janet S. Jennison

Marilyn and James Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kamp

Philip and Polly Kasey

Michelle V. Kauffman

Michael Keefe

Jane and Lawrence Keller

John Kensy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kenyon

William and Jean Keplinger

Robert and Patricia Kerper

Mary Kerr

Barry and Catherine Kilpatrick

Patrick and Elizabeth Kinney

Susan Kinney

Connie Klein

Carol R. Klinger

Rose-Marie Klipstein

Christine R. Klos

Mayya Komisarchik

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kopf, Jr.

Paulina and Laurence Kovalsky

Barbara E. Kozel

Ronald and Nancy Kraus

Lynn Krauss-Prince

Robert B. Kuehl

Stephen Lane

Diana Lauria

Wilfred LeBlanc

J. Michael and Joan Lehman

James and Janet Leone

Sandra N. and Rudolph Lerner

Michael Levine

Vern and Joan Gray Lindberg

Cynthia Little

Jane Littwitz

John and Dolores Loftus

Dr. and Mrs. Norman R. Loomis

Enrico Lopez-Yanez

Jean Lowe and Alan Reddig

Linda Lowenstein

Ed Lutterbein

Dr. Matthew Mack

Chen and John Magee

Chuck and Elaine Maginness

Nancy and Joe McAfee

C. Thomas and Emily McCall

David and Dorcas McCartney

John R. and Marilyn R. McCrank

Gail and Jerry McElroy

Daniel G. McIntosh and P. Amanda Parsons

Tim and Mary McMahon

David Mcneeley

Margaret and Bob Mecredy

Dennis L. Mellander

Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Messina, Jr.

Mr. Frank M. Michaels

Joann E. Middleton

Emmett H. and Mary E. Miller

Hon. Renee Minarik

Fritz and Maura Minges

Carolyn Lee Mok

Brian Montana

Thomas Moran

Patricia Morris Bryan

Mr. J. Emory Morris

Chris and Catherine Mueller

Sandra Mueller

Drs. Thomas P. and Joan C. Mullaney

David Munson

Shannon and Wesley Nance

Todd Nelson

John E. Nesbitt

Mildred G. Ness

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Newcomb Jr.

Christine and John Norris

Peggy and David Oakes

Jennie Oberholtzer

Elaine O’Brien

Mrs. Frieda O’Hanlon

Dr. Stephen Olmsted

Craig Orlowski and Lynn Garfunkel

Elizabeth Osta and George VanArsdale

David E. Owens

Damodar Pai

Ms. Lydia Susan Palmer

Eric and Penelope Pankow

George Parker

Dolores F. Parlato

Patricia Patton

Mr. Robert E. Pearles

Peter Pero

Diane Peters

Kurt Pfeiffer

Robert and Mabelle Pizzutiello

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Polidor

Richard and Suzanne Portland

Olita and Edward Povero

Dawn M Powell

Charles* and Donna Prey

Harry J. and Margaret H. Price

Susan and Donald Pritchard

Margaret Quackenbush

James Reed

Hayley Reed

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reed

Richard and Carol Reid

Ms Susan Reindel

Sue Reynolds

Mariana and John Rhoades

Ann Rhody

Judy and David Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Riordan

Nancy and Art Roberts

Anne Rodgers

Michelle and Charles Rogers

Galina Rogova and Alexander Ryskin

Dick and Bea Rosenbloom

Carolyn and Charles Ruffing

Mr. and Mrs. Harris H. Rusitzky

Dr. Frank and Elizabeth Salamone

Mrs. Bonnie B Sale

Steve and Anne Sanford

John F. Sargent

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Scatterday

Kim Schaff and Roger Young

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schenkel

Lewis Schiavi

Chris Schjorring

Robert and Cynthia Schlauch

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Schmeelk

Suzanne and Michael Schnittman

D.A. Schock

Abbie H. Schonfeld

David and Naomi Schrier

Jack and Elizabeth Schroeder

Drs. David and Carolyn Schuler

Robert Schuman

Lawrence Schuth

Ronald G Schwartz

Barbara Lee Scott

Patricia Wright Mummert

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Seigel

William and Edna Shafer

Gary and Judy Shaw

Jason Shen

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Sherony

Richard and Joanne Shimko

Peter and Diane Shrager

Hezekiah and Ann Marie Simmons

Elaine Simon

Kathleen Smith

Robert Smith

Dr. Patricia Sorce

Whit and Jennifer Sprague

Jeffrey and Lyn Springut

Peter Stahlbrodt

Dorie and Jim* Starks

Donna Stein

Barry Steinberg

Judith Sternberg

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Stevens

Lise H. Stoddard

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Sturmer

Barbara Stwertka

Anne Sullivan

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Suter

Susan B. Sutliff and Robert C. Sutliff

Chad Swenson

Andrea Talentino

Mariko Tamate

Eric and Sue-Ellen Thompson

William Thomson

Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Tiebout

Bill and Mary Anna Towler

Mr. and Mrs. George Treier

Donald and Nancy Trott

Diane Tucker

Charles Turner

Margaret Underhill

James Vallino and Charlene Varnis

Burton and Joanne Vane

Dawn Verdugo

David Verschage

Erik and Judy von Bucher

Ellen Wagner

John Walker

Marjorie Wallace

Lawrence and Diane Wardlow

Jennifer Weber

Betsy and Peter Webster

Joyce Weir

Karen Welch

Miss Delores Welkley

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Wetterau

Kathleen White

Stan and Mary Widger

Mrs. John T. Wigg

Kae W. Wilbert

Amy and Brent Williams

Mr. John Williams and Mr. Chuck Lundeen*

Leonore and Lee Wiltse

Ms. Lois B. Wolff

Grace Wong

Les and Wanda Wood

Jim and Barb Woods

Jonathan Wright

Lynn S. Yeaw

Marsha Young

Helen A. Zamboni

Eric Zeise and Ellen Henry

Miss Rowena Zemel