Individual Donor Recognition

With tremendous gratitude,

the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra acknowledges all donors for their generous support during the global pandemic. Listings are in recognition of giving to all areas of the RPO from July 1, 2019 to August 1, 2021. Please contact Amy Gallaher at 585.454.7311 with questions or corrections.
*Note: As we prepare for a rejuvenated RPO season, the Development team is revamping the donor levels and experiences coinciding with those levels. New donor levels will be unveiled and published in the next issue of the Bravo! program.

John Aarons

Marjana Ababovic

Beau Abar

Ruth M. and Frank Abate

Sarah Abbamonte

Daniel and Elizabeth Abbas

Karen Abbas

Charlotte Abbey

Elio Abbondanzieri

Lora Abbott

Lourdes Abel

Drs. Deborah and Kim Abell

David Abrahamian

Robert E. and Carol G. Achilles

Miriam H. Ackley

Barbara and David Ackroyd

Lynn Acquafondata

Joseph Acquista

John and Doris Adamek

Wanda Adames

Mary Adamo

Barbara Adams

Betty Adams

Christina Adams and Patrick Grienfield

Jacob and Heather Adams

John B. Adams

Jyllian Adams

Margaret Aderman

Drs. Tom and Ann Adler

Scarlett Aeckerle

Peter and Elizabeth Affolter

Susanne Affolter

Richard Afoakwa

Edward and Joan After

Brian Agness

Amy Agnitti

Betty Ruth Agte

James Ahearn

John Akers

Nancy S. Alamo

John and Kathi Albertini

Deborah Alberty

Tammy Albone

Charles Albrecht

Brian and Linda Albrecht

Richard Albright

Mary Elaine Aldoretta and Richard Burandt

James Aldrich-Moodie and Sarah Jones

John and Carol* Aldridge

James Alexander

Justin Alexander

Thomas W. Alford

Jodie Alhart

Nicole Alioto

Paul Alioto

Ms. Annalisa Allegro

Martha A. Alleman

Mrs. Virginia Allen

Carla Allen

James Allen

Jeffrey Allen

Lori and Richard Allen

Susan Allen

Todd Allen

Tom Alletto II

Katharine Alling

Sally Alling

Andrea Almansberger

Paul and Cheryl Aloi

Michael Alonzo

James P. and Cecilia Alsina

Jeanette Altavela

Janet Altimonda

Dr. Henry and Mrs. Joanne* Altland

James A. Altobelli

Josefina Alvarez

Julie Alweis

Ammar Alzoubi

Kyle Amberg

Robert and Susan Ames

Teresa Amoroso

Marvin and Frederica Amstey

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Andersen

Mrs. Catherine Anderson

Joanne Christine Anderson

Abby Anderson

Allan Anderson

Elaine Anderson

Janet Anderson

S Anderson

Kenneth and Sharon Anderson

Peter and Jane Anderson

Roger Anderson

Karen Andolora

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Andrews

Lin Andrukat

Ms. Mary Jane Angelone

Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Angevine, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Angle*

Robert Angst

Allegra Angus

Dave and Jan Angus

Charlene and Dominick Annese

Krista Annese


Ms. Anschuetz and Ms. Easton

Jasmin Antinoro

Rosabel Antonetti

Suzanne Apgar

Dr. and Mrs. E. David Appelbaum

Jennifer Apple

Marie A Appoloney

Deborah Apter

Dr. James V. Aquavella

Mr. and Mrs. Mehdi N. Araghi

Ms. Carol Aragon

Peter and Virginia Arcadi

Betsy and Gerald Archibald

Bill Arcuri

Joseph Ardieta

Diana Arencibia

Nan Crystal Arens

Domenic and Hilary Argentieri

Tony and Suzanne Argento

Ms. Felice Armignacco

Kathryn Armstrong

Louise Armstrong

Cheryl Arnold

Bonnie and Gaylon Arnold

Jeffrey S. Arnold

Mrs. Wayne R. Arthurton

Dr. and Mrs. Dean Arvan

Bob and Jody Asbury

Katherine Ash

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ash

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Asher

Stephen and Janice Ashley

Linda and Andrew Ashworth

Ann Astarita

Julie Athayde

Mary Athey

Ann S. Athy

Neil and Margaret Atkins

(M) Leland Atkinson and Deborah Ann Wight

Sarah D. Atkinson, M.D. and Steven Hess

Ed Atkisson

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Atwater

Joan Atwell

Dr. Marshall Atwell* and Mrs. Thelma Jo Atwell

Priscilla Auchincloss

Mr. John H. Auer

Jane and John August

Edwin Austin

Marcy Austin

Jeanette Axelrod

Rachel Axelrod

Rosalie Ayres

Steve and Sharon Babbitt

Kingman and Lillian Babcock

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Bach

William Bach

Kassie Bachmann

Gloria Baciewicz

Martine Backenstoss and David Altman

John Baehr

Richard K. Baehr

Mariane Bafile

Linda Bagdon

Clifford and Frances Baham

Caroline Bailey

Jack Bailey

James and Nancy Bailey

Jane Ellen Bailey

John and Annette Bailey

Joseph G. Bailey

Mr. Robert C. Bailey

Edmund and Wendy Baird

Rodger W. and Elga Baker

Keith and Marlene Baker

Leslie Baker

Lewis and Patricia Ward-Baker

Patricia Baker

Samuel Baker

Mr. and Mrs. William Baker

Christina Bakewicz

Coenraad and Elisabeth Bakker

Mark Balceniuk

Barry J. and Marie A. Balch

David and Annemarie Baldo

Anne Baldwin

L. Baldwin

William and Laura Baldwin

Robert and Julie Ball

Albert and Marisa Ballatori

Toni Baller

Kristen and Mark Ballister

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Balta

Mrs. Theodore Balta

Ruth C. Baltzer

Betsy Ann Balzano

Karen Bancroft

John Bank

Paul and Kathleen Bankey

Elizabeth Banner

James and Dian Bannister

Thomas L. Bantle

Maureen Baran

Anthony Baratta

Lon Baratz and Joseph Arena

Micah Barbash

Steven Barbash

Faith Barbe

Anthony and Linda Barbeau

Kathleen C. Barbehenn

Martin and Margaret Barber

Cabiria Barbosu

Janet Barclay

Matthew Barczys

Jon and Elizabeth Barefoot

Jane Barker

Constance and Peter Barker

Thomas Barker

William and Malla Barker

Robert A. Barkin

Solon and Donna Barnard

Danielle Barnes

Lisa Barnes

Ted D. and Carol Barnett

Jack Baron

John and Lisa Baron

Ken and Barbara Baron

James and Linda Baroody

Susan Barra

Joseph Barravecchio

Mr. and Mrs. James Barre

Joseph and Susan Barrera

Susanne Barrett

Donald and Gayle Barrett

Mary Barrett

Mary Barrett and John DeAngelis

Stephanie Barrett

Megan Barrette

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Barry

Lori Barski

Don and Denise Bartalo

John and Mary Bartholomew

Stanley and Marlene Bartlett

Tom Bartolini

Courtney Barton

Norma A. Barton

Josh Bartran

Linda C.S. Bartsch

Susan Baruch

Stefanie Bascom

Diane and Richard Basehore

Christopher Basile

J. Dolf and Edie Bass

Asish and Susan Basu

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Bates

Marcia V. Bates

Dorothy Bauch-Barker

Ann and Steve Bauer

James Bauer

Markus and Myriam Bauer

Anne and Steve* Bauer

Ms. Holly Bauer-Mergen

Gail Bauerschmidt

Heather and David Baum

Carol Baumeister

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bawden

Betty Baybutt

Andrew and Mary* Bazar

Brenda Beal

Richard Bean

Bruce and Kathleen Beardsley

Amanda Beasley

Jack Beaston

Patricia Beato

John and Linda Beattie

Cherry and Sharon Beauregard

Steven and Elizabeth Becht

Mr. David J Beck

Jeanne Beck

Joann Beck

Steve Georas and Lisa Beck

Michelle Beckaroo

Holly Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Becker

Harry Beckous

Bryan Bedell

Terence and Julie Bedford

Walter J.* and Jeanne M. Beecher

Stewart Beecher

William J. Beenhouwer

Richard and Margaret Beers

Dick Beery

Sandy Behan

David Behr

Joseph and Jeni Behrman

Phillip and Deborah Beiderbecke

Mary Ann Beikirch

Nancy Beikirch

Nancy Beilfuss

David and Joan Beinetti

Anna Bekker

Miss Anne Bell

J. Edward and Jeanne M. Bell

Hays and Karen Bell

Suzanne Bell and Chris Brown

Ken and Michele Bello

William and Vera Bellows

Dr. Kathryn L. Benavides

Barbara Benedict

Barbara Benedict and Duncan Wormer

Debra Benedict

Matthew Benedict

Ruth Benedict

Kathryn Benitez

Benjamin W. Gioseffi

Donna P. Benjamin

Douglas and Jane Bennett

Glenn Bennett

James Bennett

Carol and John Bennett

Kate M. Bennett

Mark Bennett

Richard and Ruth Bennett

Richard Bennett

Sharon Bennett

Robin and Eugene Benoit

Christine Benoit-Averill

Jennifer and Chris Benson

Karen Bentley

Richard Berend

David M. Berg and Dawn K. Riedy

Sandra Berg

Matthew Berger

Stuart and Adrea Berger

Brigid Bergin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bergin

Stephen Bergonzi

Linda Berky

Barbara Berman

J. Jason Berman

Barry Bermudez

Judith Bermudez

Leslie Bernard

Shannon Bernard

Matt Bernardi

Melina and Stephan Berndt

Matthew Bernius

Matthew Berry

Holly and James Bertsch

Jennifer Beseau

Joseph and Jessica Best

Linda Betstadt

Amy Betti

Elizabeth Beumer

Sarah Beutel

Janice Beutner and William Shirtz

Mr. and Mrs. William Beveridge

Anne Beyer

Janis Beyo

Susan Bianchi

Gilbert and Maureen Biancucci

Mary Bickel

Joseph Biddle

Janette Biehler

Teresa and Tim Biehler

James and Joyce Biek

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bielaska, Jr.

Daniel Bielat

Kathleen Bienia

Sandra Bierbrauer and Raymond Mueller

Mary Ellen Bigler

Barbara Billingsley

Judith M. Binder and Barbara V. Erbland

Marguerite Bird

Nancy Bird

Eric and Marcia Birken

Marty and Jill Birmingham

Barbara and Scott Birnbaum

Kathleen Doran-Norton

David and Maureen Bischoff

The Ormsbee Family

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Bishop, Jr.

Timothy Bishop

Maureen Bisnett

Wade Bittle

George and Shirley Bittner

Sally Bittner

Robert and Doreen Biviano

Becky Bivone

John and Susan Bixler

Christopher Bjorling

Ana Black

Elizabeth Black

Iris Black

Richard and Carole Black

Robert Black

James Blackburn

Chrystine Blackwell

Kathryn Blackwell

Edger and Linda Blair

Martha Blair

Barbara Blaisdell

James and Lynette Blake

Kathryn Blake and William Hunt

Stephen Bland

Nancy and Tom Blanda

Melanie Blank

Doreen Blankenbush

John and Pamela Blanpied

Jay and Beth Blaufuss

John and Cindy Blawski

James Blease

Ms. Katherine Blezard

Hans Blickman

Monica Blide

Julie Blindauer

Nelson Blish

Andre Bliss

Jacob Bliss

Sara Bliss

Jack and Judy Bloch

Sue Bloch

Amy Block

Olivia Block

Richard A. Bloom, M.D.

Sally L. Bloom

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Blumenau

Bruce and Martha Boak

Harold and Terri Bobry

Michael Bobry

Stuart and Betsy Bobry

Kristin Bock

James R. Boehler

Maria Boehlert

Dr. Sandra Boehlert

Christine Boehly-Ashton

Thomas Boetig

John W. Boettcher

Roger and Judith Boily

Robert and Kathy Bolam

Nicholas Boldewskul

Bill and Priscilla Boller

Megan Bolt

Alison Bolton

Fern Bomwell

Francine Bonair

Mrs. Philip P. Bonanni

Steven Bonanno

Brett Bond

James Bongard

Diane Boni

Michelle Bonnice

Lauri Boone

Gail M. Boorum

Andy and Judy Borbas

Dorothy Borden

Wendy Borden

Christine Borghi-Cavallaro

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard K. Borglum

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar H. Borkhuis

Marie Borreggine

Peter and Mary Ann Borrelli

Mrs. John R. Bosco

Barbara Bossert

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Bosso

Carl Bothner

Katelyn Bothwell

Donna Bott

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Bottoni

Jim and Maria Boucher

Allen* and Joyce Boucher

Donnette Boucher

Mitchell J. Boucher

Rachel Boucher

William and Grace Boudway

John and Alexandra Bouman

Eftihia Bourtis

Tatiana Bousse

Marian and John Boutet

Kristine Bouyoucos

Sue Bovay

John and Catherine Bovenzi

Brad Bovenzi

Lanny Bowdey

Amy and David Bowen

Jeff and Kathy Bowen

Jennifer Bowen

John Bowen and Nancy Klotz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowen

Shirley Bowen and Tracy Perkins

Bob Bower

Shirley Bower

Anne Bowes

Don and Jackie Bowman

Wesley and Claire Boyce

Donald and Mary Boyd

Judith Boyd

Robert Boyd

Sharon Boyd

Charles and Nancy Boyer

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Boylan

Katherine Boyle

Megan C. Boyle

Patrick Boyle

Maureen and William Boyle

Wendy Brache

Bob and Ann Marie Bradley

Joyce and Mark* Bradley

Patricia Bradshaw

David and Emily Bradstreet

George and Sandra Brady

Quinn C. Brady

Doris F. Braine

Simon* and Josephine Braitman

Peggy and David Braitsch

James and Florence Braker

Angela Branche

Shanna Branciforte

Nancy and Andrew Brandston

Maria Brandt

Dr. and Mrs. Albert Brault

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Braund

Ann and Melvin Braverman

Howard and Glenda Brayman

Lynn Brazee

Dr. John N. Brennan

John Brennan

Julie Brennan

Kathy Brennan

Margaret Brennan

Peter Bresette

Tamara Bresette

Daniel Bresnan

Mrs. Audrey Brett

Donna Brett

Linda Bretz

Leah Brewer

Deborah Bricker

Lisa Brienzo

Joseph* and Nancy Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Briggs

Peter W. Briggs

Sudha Brightman

Margaret Bringewatt

Genevieve Brings

Henra S. Briskin

Mr. James E. Britt

Paul and Sigrid E. Britton

Warren Brock

Mrs. Kay Brockway

Mark and Susan Broda

Jennifer Brown Broderick

Hugh and Anne Brodie

Sharon Brodie

Patricia Brogan

Stephanie Bronk

Joseph J. Bronte

Diane Brothers

Kenneth and Joanne Brotherton

Alfred G. Brown

Andrea Brown

Ann Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Barry Brown

Carter and Maya Brown

Claire and Robert Brown

Cynthia and Lawrence Brown

Deborah Brown

Douglas and Cindy J. Brown

Edward Brown

Eric R. and Carolyn D. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. George Brown

Ms. Karen S. Brown

Kim Brown

Marilyn R. Brown

Mark and Anita Brown

Martha Brown

Michele Brown

Patsy Lynn Brown

Paula Brown

Penny Brown

Priscilla and Rob Brown

Robert and Trudie Brown

Rollin Brown

Susann Brown and Terence Chrzan

Teresa Brown

Roger and Vicki Brown

Victoria Brown

Zenia Brown

Virginia C. Browne

Bruce Brownfeld

Mr. Paul Browning

Ms Alma Brozost

Sarah Brubaker

Wilma M. Brucker

Eric and Wendy Bruestle

Don and Lucy Brumbaugh

Gary and Lana Brumbaugh

Mrs. Vivian E. Brummer

Claudia Brunea

Barbara and John Bruning

Marla Bruns

Pearl Brunt

June Brush

Nancy Brush and John Parker

Jessica Bryant

Kristine Bryant

Dennis Buchan

John and Sheila Buck

Richard Buck

Cathy Buckert

William Buckingham and A. Sevier-Buckingham

Anne M. Buckley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckley

Christina Buckley

Jane Buckley

Josephine Buckley

Mr. Steven F. Buckley

James L. and Hollis S. Budd

Charlotte K. Buehler

Eileen Buholtz

Pamela Bukys

Teresa Bulan

Karen Bunker

Elaine Buralli

John and Pamela Burch

Sara Burch

Drs. Jim and Rae Burchfiel

Daniel Burge

Thomas Burger

James Burgess

Suzanne Burggraaff

Kelly Burgio

Mark Buri

Andrew Burke

Brian and Mary Jane Burke

Ken Burke

Paul Burke

Sharon and Philip Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Burkey

Rebecca Burkey

Mary Burkhardt

Veronica and Larry Burling

Heather Burnell

Robert Burnett

Scott D. and Marie S. Burnham

David J. and Margaret M. Burns

Dawn Burns

Derwood Burns

Miss Nancy J. Burns

Tom Burns

Andrew Burr

Ann Burr and A. Vincent Buzard

John Burr

Donald K Burrell

Mary Ellen Burris

Bruce and Shirley Burritt

Charles Burritt, Jr.

Ms. Caris Burton

Richard and Peggy Burton

Joyce C. Burwell

Lori Busch

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bush

Richard and Catherine Bush

Jay Bushen

Judith and John Buss

Donald Buss

Robert E. Bussy, Jr.

Christine Bustard

Dennis Buttery

Jean Button

Martha Button

Mr. and Mrs. M. John Buzawa

Emily Bylund

Judith L. Byorick and Gary J. Schulze

James Byrne

Paul and Sandra Caccamise

Roberta Caccamise and Pamela Merritt

Barbara Cacia

William L. and Ruth P. Cahn

Xueya Cai

Mr. David Calhoun

Suzanne Calia

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan D. Calkins

Keith and Joan Calkins

Susan Call

Mr. Daniel Callan

Karen Callanan

John and Rhonda Callard


Eliza Calvin

Cindy Campbell

Debbie Campbell

Eli Campbell

Frank and Miki Campbell

Robert B. Campbell

Stephanie Campbell

Donald Campese

Lois L. Camphausen

Donna M. Campione

Ann Campolieto

Mr. and Mrs. James Caneen

Kristine Canessa

Nancy Cangiano

Barbara Canham

Jeanette and Dennis Cannioto

Judith Cannioto

Kathleen Cantaben

Sarah Canzano

Paul and Mary Capacci

Jane A. Capellupo

Stanley and Charlene Caplan

Carol Ann Capone

Bill and Julie Capossere

Dr. Thomas and Ann Caprio

Chris Caraccilo

Mr. and Mrs. R. Carlos Carballada

Diana Carbone

Sally Cardella

Barbara Carder

Donald Cardinal

Joseph Cardinale

Joanna Carey

John C. Carlino

Jeanne Carlivati

Traci Carlo

Catherine B. Carlson*

Grant Carlson

Mary Carlton

Lynn Carlyle

Dawn Carmell

Pamela and Jan Carmichael

Margaret J. Carnall

Margaret-Ann Carno

John C. and Sue V. Carpenter

Karyn Carpenter

Mei Carpenter

Nancy L. Carpenter

Victoria Carpino

Denine Carr

Heidi Carr

Sharon Carr

Teddy Carr

Verna Carrell Trust and Mr. William W. Werther

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Carrier

Kelly Carroll

Roger Carroll and Joanne Pedro-Carroll

Ms. Susan Carter

Jeff C. Carter

Paula Carter

Robert and Jennifer Carter

Jim and Pam Carty

Betsy and John Carver

Jose Casado

Amanda Casale

Mary J. Casbeer

Gerard and Joanne Caschette

Mark Cascino

Ms. Barbara J. Case

Joanne Case

John and Diane Caselli

Brendan Casey

Nora S. Casey

Veronica Casey

Diane and Roger Cass

Art and Marcia Cassidy

Thomas A Cassidy

Brian Cassin

Witchuda U. Castellucci

Joan* and Paul Casterline

Kathryn Castle

Robert W. and Barbara M. Castle

Peter E. and Nancy L. Castro

Kim Catalanello

George and Shirley Cataldo

Julia Catarisano

Allison Caumont

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Caupp

Richard E. Cavers

Daniel Caves

Lisa Cavigliano

Daniel and Elaine Cavuoto

Amy Centofanti

Kim and Tony Cenzi

Shirley A. Ford and Beverly Cerow

Louis Chabrier

Gary R. Chadwick

Barbara Chadwick

Patricia Chadwick

Mrs. Wilma C. Chadwick

Mitchell Chait

David Chamberlain

Melissa Chamberlain

Dr. Millie Chamberlin

Richard Chamberlin

Willard and Luella Champlin

The Gertrude Chanler RPO Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

William T. Chandler

Cynthia Chandler

Tina Chandler

Mrs. P. Jean Chang

Robert Chantra

Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Chapman

Pamela Chapman

Robert and Susan Chapman in memory of Lucille Giglia

James Chappell

Mr. David Chapus

Edwin Charny

Walter and Sally Chase

Bob Chavez

Sheila Cheeks

Courtney Olson-Chen

Daren S. Chentow and Cleve L. Killingsworth, Jr.

Valeria Chernjavsky

Bill and Victoria Cherry

Jennifer Chesebro

Dr. Lawrence and Mrs. Rita Chessin

Tom and Maureen Chiavetta

Kimberly Chichester

Barry Childs

Dr. Michelle Chin

Steven and Mary Ching

James E. and Sharon F. Chiumento

Coral Chovaniec

Wriju Chowdhury

Lawrence and Dianne Christensen

Wendy Christensen

F. James and Nancy Christie

Rebecca Christie

Gerald Christoff*

Mary Christopher

Chin-Yi Chu

Kathleen Chugg

Irene M. Churukian

Cecilia Ciaccia*

Ms. Mary Jo Ciaccia

William Ciaccia

Brenna Cialini

Victor Ciaraldi and Kathy Marchaesi

Isabella Ciardi

Ted and Winnie Cichanowicz

Neil and Linda Cieminis

Katherine Ciesinski

Vincent J. Cilento

Christian Joseph Claessens

Kyle Clair

Timothy Clancy

Judith E. Claprood

Robert M. and Joan Clar

Jack and Barbara Clarcq

Gail Clare

Rafael Claridades

M. Dale and Carolyn Clark

Cynthia Clark

Clark Family Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

Gina Clark

Harold and Linda Clark

Kevin Clark

Michele Clark

Robert Clark

Alyce and Rollow Clark

Scott Clark

Alison Clarke

Christopher Clarke

Victoria Clarke

Diana R. Clarkson, Esq.

Karen Clary

Martha D. Clasquin

Frederick Clasquin

Bill Claus

Frances Clawson

E. A. Claypoole

Mark E Cleary

Marny Cleere

Sheila D. Clements

Lorraine Clements

Earl Cliffel

Jeremiah and Mary Lou Clifford

Doug Cline and Lorraine Van Meter-Cline

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton C. Cloen, Jr.

Jason Cloen

Kathy and Mike Cloonan

Edward Cloos

Ellen Clouser

Pat Coakley

Merry Coburn

Elisa Cockburn

Margaret Coddington

Peggy and Ben Coe

Mr. William D. Coe

Christine Coffey

Tell and Lisa Coffey

John Cofield

Shelly Cogliandio

Alan Cohen and Nancy Bloom

Mr. Ira J. Cohen

Dr. Mark Cohen

Gloria and Pincus Cohen

Stefan Cohen and Jodi Beckwith

Wendy Cohen

Lee Cokely

Christine Colaluca

Frank Colaprete

Brian Colbert

Jenifer Colby

Marilyn Colby

Nelson and Janet Cole

Ms. Norinne Cole

Mrs. Barbara Cole

Daniel Cole

Joyce and Harry Cole

Leslie and Sandra Cole

Steven Cole

Mrs. Addie L. Coleman

Mary Ellen Coleman

Muriel Coleman and Sharlene Sacco

Gerald Coles

Anthony and Jacqueline Colicchio

Catherine Collier

Tom and Fran Collier

Dwight and Winifred Collin

Peter W. Collinge and Carol Thiel

Cheryl Collins

Daniel Collins

David Collins

Elizabeth Collins

Kim Collins

Linda Collins

Mary Collins and Mitzi Collins

Michael and Hilda Collins

Michele Collins

Rebecca Collins

Dr. Timothy Collins

Mr. Vance Collom

William and Barbara Colombo

Alejandro Sotomayor Colon

Barbara A. Colucci

(M)Christine Colucci

Mrs. Margaret Colucci

Cathleen Combs

Clare and Jim Combs

Sally Combs

Janet M Comfort

John Compa

John Conceison

Dr. John Condemi

Patrick* and Linda Condry

Karen Cone

Amy Confer

Dennis and Sharon Conheady

Matthew Coniff

Melissa Conklin

John Conley

Tanya Conley

Matt Conlon

Paul Conlon

Mary V. Connell

Kenneth Conner

Janis DeMay-Connor and William Connor

Thomas Conners, Jr.

Joyce and Brian Connolly

Doug and Sue Connolly

Sue Conolly

David and Diann Conquest

Carolyn Conrow

Kristen Conrow-Goshen

Dana Consler

Mary Lewis Consler

Louis and Sally Constine

Mr. George J. Conte, Jr.

Ginny Contestable

Catherine Contino

Lucille Conversi

Daniel and Grace Conway

Matthew Conway

Phyllis Conway

Chris Cook

Donald M. Cook

Kathleen Cook

Maggie Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Cook

Toby Cook

Wade Cook

Rosemarie Cook

Ralph Cooley

Judith K. Coolidge-Fill

Robert Coombs

Anne Coon and Craig Zicari

Lawrence and Corinne Coon

Ms. Jeanne Coonan

Kevin S. and Suzanne L. Cooman

William F. Coons

Charlotte Cooper

Daniel L. Cooper

Elizabeth Cooper

Scott Cooper

Stuart and Carol Cooper

Walter Cooper

T. Scott and Constance Coots

Wende Copeland

Chrissie Copoulos

Myra Coppage

William Coppard

Linda Coppola

Dr. Margaret Corbin

Patricia Corcoran

Sharon Corcoran

Russell and Joanne Cordaro

Saundra Cordingley

Arnold and Anne Cordts

Ann Cordy

Mr. and Mrs. Carey L. Corea

Courtney Cornell

Mr. Larry A. Cornell

Ovide Corriveau

Rodney Corry

Lynellen Corryn

Alycia Costanzo

John P. Costello

Raymond Cotroneo

Jill Cotter

Howard Cotton

Kay A Cotton

Joseph B. and Elizabeth M. Coughlin

Timothy Coughlin

Kevin and Kathleen Coughlin

John and Catherine Coulter

Katherine Courtney

Charles Courtsal and Lisa Gwinner

Sherri Cousineau

Mr. and Mrs. David Covert

Jill Covert

Mary Cowden

Dr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Cox

Ian Cox

Rebecca Cox

Meghan Coyle

Patrick Coyle

James Craig

Elsa and Paul Craig

Elison Cramer

Ann Crandall

Howard R. and Leslie A. Crane

Jeff and Sue Crane

David Crawford

R. Stephen and Melanie Craxton

Stephen Craxton

Lia Crede

Paul Crego

Nancy Crichton

Rich and Sue Cringoli

Mary M. Crockett

Joyce Crofton

Patricia Cronmiller

Nicole Crouse-Dickerson

John and Mary Crowe

William Crowe

Patrick and Kristina Crowley

Joyce Crupi

Linda Sundlof

Jeannine Cruz

Ann Marie Crye

Jimena Cubillos

Kathryn M. Cufari

Jeanette Cullinan

David and Sarah Culp

William E. Culver

Ms. Carol A. Cummings

Janet Cummings

Sally Cummings

Thomas L. Cummings and Beverly A. Ludke

Scott Cunning

Adam Cunningham

Alan Curle

Carolyn Curran

Joyce E. Curran

Christina Curren

Randy and Christina Curren

Alison and John Currie

Janice Currie

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Curtis, Jr.

Thomas Cushing

Cathy Cushman and Jeff Sokol

Gail Cushman

Susan Cushman

John Cusolito

Magdalyn M. Cyganovich

Roy Czernikowski and Karin Dunnigan

Ms. Lin Czop

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. DaMore

Eileen Dabolt-Loveless

Elizabeth and George Daddis, Jr.

Jill Daddis

Michael Daeschner

Adrienne F. Dahl

Kathleen Dahlkemper

Roger Daily

Janice and Robert Daitz

Mrs. Joan Dalberth

Dr. Joann Dale

Nancy Daley

Jacob Dalton

Meegan Daly

Tara Daly

Timothy Daly

Steven Dambra

Valerie D’Ambra

Beth and Tad D’Ambrosio

Julie Damerell

Nancy Damore

J. John and Carolyn Dancy

Emily Dane-Staples

Julia D’Angelo

Lorraine D’Angelo

Ron and Laura D’Angelo

Paul and Mary Dangler

William J. Daniels

Leigh Danielson

Tom and Mary Dannhauser

Susan Dantoni

Lori Dantz

Kenneth C. Dardenne and Veronica A. Miller

Stephen C. and Eileen D’Arienzo

Mr. and Mrs. Rand Darrow

Judith and Joseph Darweesh

Barbara daSilva

Jane Datz

Karen E. Dau

Gail Daugherty

Dr. Donna R. Davenport

Frederick and Doris Davey

Jerry Davidson

Richard P. and Mary Ellen Davie

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Davies

Diane Davies Parrinello

Chas Davis

Dean and Phoebe Davis

Diane Davis

Jacqueline Davis

James R. and Karen Davis

Larry and Shelley Davis

Michelle Davis

Rachael Davis

Robert S. Davis

Teri Davis

Peter E. and Melanie K. Davison

Lorna Dawson

Anthony and Carole Day

Derrick Day

Janet De Falco

Aixa De Jesus

Laura De Luccio

Michele De Marte

Judith De Vries

Jayne Dean

Debra Deane

Kathleen A. Dear

Lawrence and Elaine Dearstyne

Elizabeth DeBartolo

Mr. Peter Debes

Jo Ann Deblinger

Mrs. Robert H. Deboer

Jennie Debree

Robert and Sandi DeBruycker

Ellen DeBuono

Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan

Jessa Dechant

Barbara Dechario

Barbara Dechateauvieux

Edward L. Deci

Dr. Deborah Decker

Richard and Michele Decker

Monica Decory

Charles Defendorf

The DeFranco Family

Ellen Degregorio

Peggy DeGroot

Danielle Dehm

Petra Dehmler

John and Carolyn Dehority

Doreen and E. Thomas Deisenroth

Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Delvecchio

Bradley DeLaCroix

Mr. and Mrs. William Delaney

Jennie DeLang

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Delconte

Dennis and Marion DeLeo

Jacques and Monique Delettrez

Miriam Dell

Theresa Delone

Judith Delvecchio

Thomas DelVecchio

Melinda DeMay

Linda and Richard Demme

Roger Demott

Deana C. Dempsey

Margaret L. Denham

Kimberly Denise

Kathryn and Bryce Denney

Martin Denning

Richard and Diane* Dennison

Linda Dent

Dr. Elise dePapp

Stephen Depew

Gene DePrez

James Derleth in memory of Bernadette A. Derleth

M. Derleth

Melissa Derleth

Katie and Rob Dermody

Sheila Dermody

Richard and Judith DeRose

Mr. and Mrs. Steven DeSmitt

Valera D’Esopo

Theodore and Evelyn DeSoto

Michael deStefano

Jennifer Deutchki

Satvinder Devgun

Merry Devlin

Lynn Dew

Renate Dewa

Nancy Dewan

William F. and Janet Dewart

Susan and Gary DeWilde

Gary DeWitt

Nancy and Sreeram Dhurjaty

Michael and Mary DiBacco

Jackie DiBella

Erin DiCesare

Mendal and Alberta Dick

Sharon Dickman and Michael Wentzel

Stephanie and Douglas Dickman

Susan and Tom DiClementine

Sara DiDonato

Jane Dieck

Richard and Mary Diehl

Christopher Diehl

Courtenay Diehl

Sharon Diehl

James E. Dierks

Janet Dietter

Zach Dietz

Barbara M. Difiore

Gary and Debbie Di Francesco

Shamiah Difrancesco

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Difulvio

Kathleen Dill

Patricia and James Dillon

Mr. Daniel E. Diloreto

Wahyu Dilts

Valerie Dimino

Daniel and Susan Dimpfl

Patricia A Dinardo

John* and Sally* Dineen

Chen Ding

Catherine J. DiNolfo

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Dintruff

Nancy DiPasquale

Raymond and Judy DiPasquale

John DiProsa

Mr. Lawrence P. DiRisio

Todd Dirrigl

Michael DiSalle

Jacqueline DiSalvo

Wendell and Mary Discher

Gilbert Dissen

Jacqueline Distefano

Charles A. Dittmar

Gina DiTullio

Sara Dixon

Danita Djeloski

Jean Dlugosh

Rachel Dobbs

Margo Dobies

Kevin Dockery

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dodgson

Donald and Stephanie Doe

Kevin Doell

Carol Dolan

Martha Dolan

Rosemary Christoff Dolan in memory of Gerald Christoff, Composer and P

Lynette Dolby and Sandra McDonald

James Dole

Sam Dole

Deborah Dollinger

Elizabeth Dollinger

Zorianna Dombchewsky

Gary Domenico

William Domm

Lynn and Mike Donahue

Stacey Donahue

Pat Donaldson

Russell Donaldson

Nancy Donals

Stephen and Maryanne Donato

Erin Donnelly

Carol Donner

Marie D’Onofrio

Patrick Donofrio

Joseph and Barbara Dooley

Elaine Dooley

Tex and Nicki Doolittle

Gail and Douglas Doonan

Michael Doran

George Dormer

George and Vicki Dornberger

Martin Dorren

James C. and Elizabeth A. Doser

Mr. and Mrs. H. Doty

Ron Dougherty

William and Cynthia Dougherty

Helen Douglas

Roger and Patricia Douglass

Jannett M. Dovan

Michele Dovan

David Dowden

Timothy J. and Marilyn Downs

David and Kim Doyle

Joan M. and Michael J. Doyle

Julie Doyle

Kathleen Doyle

Amy and Glen Dragon

Cheryl and Charles Drake

Raymond Dreher and Elaine Tunaitis

Joanne Drexler

Dr. Eric Dreyfuss*

Robin Driver

Linda Dronsfield

David Drooz

Alec Drummond

Malcolm and Linda Drummond

Thomas R. Morse and Alinda Drury

Kay Drury

Michele Dryer

Rufus K. Dryer II

Judith Dubin

Pamela Dubois

Mr. and Mrs. James Dudley

Paul and Jutta Dudley

Erin Duecy

Janet Duff

Megan Duffy

Michael and Carol Duffy

Karen Duguid and Wallace Johnson

Marie Duhamel

Judy Dulberg

Lanny Dumbauld

The Dumm Family

Roslyn Duncan

Peter and Margaret Dundas

Jane Dunham

John A. Dunham

Bonnie Dunn

Dennis and Pamela Dunn

Ian W. Dunn

Suzanne R. Dunn

Randy Duong

David and Ruth Dupont

Dr. and Mrs. James Durfee

Ms. Katherine Durfee

Denise and Roger Durfee

John and Brooke Durland

David P. and Margaret M. Durr

Frederick Dushay, M.D. in memory of Anita B. Dushay

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Dustman

Paul and Susan Dutcher

James F. and Victoria E. Dutton

Rose Duver

Wendy L. Dworkin

Ronald and Lois Dworsky

Daniel Dwyer

Michael C. Dwyer

Kathryn Dyer

Jack Dyke

Mark and Debra Valentine

Zinnia Dzus-Debole

Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Eagle

Robert W. Eames

Hank and Shelley Earle

Tracy Easterly

Jay M. and Linda S. Eastman

Richard W Easton

Elizabeth Eaton

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Eaton

Wade Eaton

Mr. Lynn C. Eberhardt

Carol Ebersole-Weiss

Cynthia Ebinger

Joanne Eccles

Jon Eckleben

Carol Eckler

Dr. Clifford O. Eddy Jr.

Kenneth Edell

Anne Edelman

Michael Edelman

Dr. Dianne Edger and Dr. Terry Platt

Christine Edge

Charles and Mary Edwards

Michael Edwards

Rachel Edwards

Alan Efron and Markey Hoblit

Marti Eggers

William Eggers and Deborah McLean

Louise Eggleston

Deborah and Michael Ehlers

Edward and Anna Ehlers

Andrea Ehmann

David Ehrenberg

Beth Ehret

Roger Eibl

Dianne Eichel

Ed and Rosemary Eichenlaub

Paula J. Alessi

Karen and Richard Eisemann

Jill Eisestein

Dr. Steven and Susan Eisinger

Andrew and Alison Elder

Stephen and Marjorie Elder

Larry and Kas Eldridge

Jean Eliason

Jane Elisz

Dr. Ross and Mrs. Marlene* Elkin

Dr. Gary R. Elling

Lisa and Joel Elliott

Bernadine Elliott

Larry and Peggy Elliott

Richard and Lydia Elliott

Carol and Tom Elliott

Holly K. Elwell

Marcia L. Elwitt

Mohsen Emami, M.D.

Doug and Coleen Emblidge

Norma Embling

Derek Embody

James and Carolyn Emerson

Mrs. R. Clinton Emery

Henry A. and Ann Emmans

Molly Emmi

Chris Emslie

Cheryl Enders

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Englert

Emily Entress

Ronald and Bonnie Epner

D. Craig Epperson and Dr. Beth Jelsma

Louise W. Epstein

Tom Erb

Giuseppe Erba and Mark Pierzynski

Martha Erbland

Albert and Ingrid Erickson

Carol Ernsthausen

Margaret Erskine

John R. Ertle*

Gerard and Deborah Esposito

Judith Haagen Esposito

Vinnie Esposito and Jennifer Johnson

James and Mary Ann Esser

Gerald G. Estes

Gordon J. Estey

Josephine Estill

Gena G. Etheridge

Dr. Mark Gonzalez Ettel

Carolyn and Wolfgang Ettinger

Sandra Evaniuck

Anne Evans

Amanda Evans

Dr. Beverly Evans

Dr. Craig S. Evans

Karen Evans

Sarah Evans

Steven Evans

Julie Eveleigh

Gerry and Jane Everhart

Julia B. Everitt

Jonathan Everitt

James and Ann Evinger

Trevor and Elizabeth Ewell

Evelyn Exman

Camille Ezran

Glenn and Rebecca Fadner

Kerry Fahy-Harvick

Richard Fairbrother

Jonathan Falk

Maryana and Ruvim Falkovich

Eric D. Falla

Charles Fallon

Stephanie Fals

Rita Falzone

Michael Fambro

Lou and Maria Fantozzi

Jennifer Faringer

Linda Farnham

Sherman and Anne Farnham

Chris Farnum and Mary Jo Brach

Donna Farren

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Faulkner

Cynthia Fay

Ann Fazio

Kathleen Fear

Raymond D. J. and Susan H. Feasey

Mr. Philip A. Fedele

Robert P. Fedyk

Lina Fedynyshyn

Udo Fehn and Christine Long

Cheryl and Robert Fehnel

Joan Feinbloom

Mrs. Cathy Feinen

Karen Feldeisen

Beth Feldman

Richard and Andrea Feldman

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Feldon

Raluca Felea

Evan and Elvira Felty

Erin Fennelly

Stephen Fentress

Barbara Ferguson

Pamela Ferguson

Ruth Ferguson

Geoffrey Ferington

Jordan Fernweh

Karolina Fero

Karla Ferra

Hank and Gail Ferraioli

Emily Ferrante

Laura Ferrari

Julio Ferreira

Stephen and Maria Ferrel

Johnnie Ferrell

Mr. David A. Ferren

Megan Ferries

Mrs. Joyce Ferrin

David Ferris

Jeremy Ferris

Jens B. and Jocelyn Fiederer

Nancy Fiedler

Sally M. Field

Kathleen Fielder

Daniel Fien

Richard Figueras and Nancy Luchsinger

Julia Figueras and Peter Iglinski

Judith Filmore

(M) Jill Sutton Finan

William Finan

Lauren Findlay

Karen Findling

Ms. Adele Fine

Geraldine Fine

Dr. Paul Fine

Terrence and Dorian Fine

Joseph and Maria Finetti

Lisa Fingar

Dr. James Fingeroth

Thomas and Janet Fink

Mary Fink

John Finkle

Colleen Fintel

Clara S. Firth

Dolores Fischer

John Fischer

Karen Fischer

Richard Fischette

Arthur L. Fischman

Elizabeth B. Fisher

Almon Fisher

Kenneth and Kathryn Fisher

Mary Fisher

Stephen J. Fisher

Tammy Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fisher

Marvin and Eileen Fishman

Jennifer Fisk

John R. and Carolyn M. Fisk

Marilyn Fiske

David E. and Margaret H. Fitch

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fitzgerald, Jr.

Pamela Fitzmorris and Richard Russnow

Greg Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick

M. Fitzpatrick

Phil Fitzsimmons

Limor Fix

Judith Flagg

Robin Flaherty

Scott Flaherty

Karina and Sean Flaherty

David* and Ilene Flaum

Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Fleche

Walter Fleming

Joan H. Flint

Jean and William Flockhart

Linda Flood

Thomas Flood

Agnieszka A. Flor

Joan Floriano

Gail R. Flugel

Jeanne Flye

Deirdre Flynn

Karen Flynn

Richard Flynn and Marilyn Proia

Marjorie Focarazzo

Mark and Paulette Foggetti

Dennis and Betty Foley

Sandra Foley

George and Marie Follett

Kelly Follman

Robert and Marie Foltz

Donna Marushak

Judi Fonzi

Susan and Leslie Foor

Elizabeth Foos

Richard and Laurel Forbes

William and Margaret Forbes

Barbara Ford

John and Barbara Ford

John and Sandy Ford

Robert Ford

Robert P. Fordyce

John and Chris Forken

Charles and Kathleen Forney

Ms. Alice L. Fornuto

Noel Forrett

Colleen Forsey

Denise Forster

Rich Forster

Donald and Ruth Mary Forsyth

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Forsyth

Jonathan Foster

Dr. Byron L. Foster and Rev. Dorthea L. Yoder*

Mr. and Mrs. David Foster

Nancy Foster

Sarah Foster

Mr. and Mrs. William Foster

Alexandra Fotiou and Steven D. Thomas

Amy Fowler

Gail Fowler

Ann Michelle Fox

Ann and Steve Fox

Charlotte Fox

Christi Alessi Fox

Donald and Lisa Fox

George and Donna Brink Fox

Kathryn Fox

Mary Anne and Paul Fox

Myron Fox

Nathan Fox

Dr. and Mrs. Howard R. Foye

James A. Frackenpohl and Dr. George Corella

Andrea Fragnito

Davis Frame

Walter France

Wayne France

James Francesca

Anne B. Francis

Ms. Margaret Francis

David Francisco

Dr. and Mrs. Elmar Frangenberg

Barbara L. Frank

Cheryl Frank

Kristin and Thomas Frank

Lauren Frank and Annette Miller

Janice and Robert Frank

Sharon Frank

Sandra and Neil Frankel

Lori Frankunas

Jeff and Alleen* Fraser

Beth Frawley

Evelyn Frazee and Thomas Klonick

Suzanne Frazer

Sylvia Frederes

Bruce and Elaine Fredericks

Vicky Feathers

Dr. Roselyn Freedman-Baum

Margaret Freeman and Thomas Lennox

Ruth Freeman

Elinor Freer and David Ying

Bob and Bobbie Freitag

Joanne Frelier

Joanne French

Louise French

Steven French

Richard and Shirley Frew

Paula Friant

Shirley B. and Kevin Frick

Ann Fricke

Adele Fried

Suzanne Fried

Carolyn and Roger Friedlander

Barry and Maureen Friedman

Betsy Friedman

Linda and David Friedman

Ms. Loretta Friedman

Marvin and Lori Friedman

Robert and Joan Fries

Cynthia Friga

Benjamin Frisch

Kevin Frisch

Alan and Ronny Frishman

Catherine Fromm

Rachel Fromm

Marilynn Frost

James Fry

Sylvia Fry

Marion Fulbright*

Barbara and Patrick Fulford

F. Fuller

Shelley S. Fuller

Richard and Carol Fullerton

Emerson Fullwood

Marjorie and James Fulmer

Judith Fulmer

Mr. and Mrs. Fulreader

Dan Fultz

Randy and Marcia Fultz

Karen Funk

Kenneth and Barbara Funkhouser

Donald and Marilyn Furey

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Furman

Raymond Furnal

Lori Gable

Marcia Gabrilove Ladin

N. Gadziala and R. J. Looney

Nancy and Peter Gaess

Susan Gailor

Ms. Sharon Galbraith

Dr. Steven Galbraith

Cathy Galbreth

Thomas and Laraine Gallagher

Zach Gallagher

Andrew and Karen Gallina

Lorin R. and Judith K. Gallistel

Albert Gallmon

Catherine Gallouet

Richard T. Galvin

Peter and Mary Beth Gamba

Johanna M. Gambino in memory of Jerry J. Gambino

Gerald Gamm

Dahn Gandell

Dr. Richard and Josie Gangemi

Kimberly Gangi

David and Marcia Gann

Nichole Gantshar

John and Miriam Ganze

Gould and Nancy Garcia

Betty Garcia Mathewson

Caterine Garcia-Ruderman

Paul Gardella

Sarah Gardener

Sarah Gardiner

Carol and Robert Gardner

Charles and Penny Gardner

David and Patricia Gardner

Kent Gardner

Jill and Kent Gardner

Sharon Garelick

Cathy Garrett

John and Lindsay Garrett

Nancy Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garrett, Jr.

William Garrett

Laura Garrison

Paul Garsin

Evelyn J. Garufo

John Gaspar

Eric Gaston

Ruth and Andy Gates

Stephen Gates

Connie Gates and Jennifer Lloyd

Ms. Janet L. Gates

Janine Gates

Stephen and Marcia Gates

Susan E Gates

M. Lois Gauch

David Gaudieri

Jerry Gaudieri

Winston E. Gaum

Ronald Gauss

John Gauthier

Kellie Gauvin

Rebecca Gavitt

Connie Gay

Mrs. Marjorie Gearhart

Thomas and Rosemary P. Geen

Jean and David Geer

Sarah Geer

Matthew Geherin

Jon and Jeanne Gehret

Mary Anna and Darrell Geib

Edward A. Geier

Karen S. Geier

Ms Patricia H Gellner

Nita Genova

Robert F. Genthner

Tasha George-Hinnant

Eileen Gerace

Trish and Bob Gerace

Jacquie and Andrew Germanow

Mark Gerstner

B. Gertzog

Robert and Elizabeth Getz

Drs. Geza and Minou Hrazdina

John Ghidiu

Giambattista Family

Elizabeth Gianakakis

Barbara and Joseph Giancursio

Gianniny Family Fund II at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

Sandra Gianniny

Frank D. Giannone

Thomas Gibbons and Linda Siple

Susan Gibbs

Thomas and Margaret Giblin

Mrs. Charles J. Gibson in memory of Dr. Charles Gibson

James and Barbara Gibson

Brenda Gibson

Jeffrey Gibson

Charlotte Giebel

Tonia Giglio

Benjamin Gigliotti

Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Gilbert

Jon Gilbert

Richard and Joyce Gilbert

Molly Gildea

Betty and Paul Giles

Debbie and Mark Gill

S. Bradley Gillaugh

Beverly Gillette

Betsy and Stuart Gillim

Linda G. Gillim

Karl Gilman

Tom and Kelly Gilman

Anne Gilson

Philip Gilson

Craig Gingerich

Martin and Michele Gingras

Mike and Tabitha Gioja

Marina Giron

Grace Girsch

James and Betsy Gisleson

Kathleen Giuffrida

Jennifer L. and Athanasios Gkourlias

Chris and Sandy Glantz

Susan Glastonbury

Mrs. John H. Glavin

Kathy Gleason

Raymond and Cynthia Gleichauf

George P. Glessner

Mr. Thomas Glisson

Linda Glosser

David and Linda Glossner

John and Leslie Glynn

Stewart Go

Gary W. Gocek

Donna Gocher

Eileen Godfrey

Christian Goetting

James and Kathleen Goetz

John and Suzanne Goetz

Rick and Nancy Goetz

Cobb Goff

Kathleen Goforth

Jennifer Goheen

Melinda Goldberg

Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Goldberg

Paul and Carol Goldberg

Jocelyn Goldberg-Shaible

Andrea F. Golden

Bradley Golden

Deborah G. Goldman

John and Roslyn Goldman

Bruce Goldman

Ellen Goldman

Isobel Goldman

Mary Goldman

Josh and Cami Goldowitz

Judith Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Goldstein

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. R. Goldstein

Eugene W. and Eleanore P. Golomb

Jerel and Geraldine Golub

Beata Gomulak-Cavicchio

Rob W. Goodling

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Goodman

Charles Goodman

Chuck and Kelly Goodman

Gordon C. Goodman

Joy Goodman

Patricia Goodwin

Gary Goodwin

John and Karen Goodyear

Mike and Judy Goonan

Brandon Gorall

Judy Gordon

David and Deborah Gordon

Joseph Gordon

John and Mary Gordon

Debbie and Michael Gordon

Adele Gorges

Mary Gorman

John and Deborah Gormly

AmyJo Gorsline

Crofts* and Jane Gorsline

John Gorton

Regina M. Gortych

Michael Gotham and Brenda Bauer-Gotham

Jess Gottschall

Michael Gould

Suzanne Gouvernet

Rajalakshmi Govindaraj

Cynthia Gowan

Martha Grabowski

William and Ruth Grace

Robert and Jeanne Grace

Jeremy and Hilda C. Grace

Ken Graci

Nora Grafton

Christopher Graham

Judith and Gregory T. Graham

Janet and Roger Gram

Christopher Grammar

Mrs. Vernie F. Grammer

Michael and Suellen Graney

Amy Cochrane and David Granger

Barbara J. Granite

Mrs. Jane Grant

Carolyn Grant

Ken and Katherine Grant

Charlotte Granville

Judith Graper

Gerald and Nancy Graser

Lee Gretwick

Valerie Graves

Carolyn D. Gray

Marvin and Barbara Gray

Arnold L. and Anne M. Gray

Kristin Gray

Pat Gray

Richard and Kimberly Gray

Sherrill Gray

Barbara Jean Gray-Gottorff

Nancy Grear

Harriette R. Greaser

Carol Green

Ms. Jessica Green

Russell and Kathleen Green

Todd Green

Judi Greenberg in loving memory of Harvey Greenberg

Don Greenblatt

Robert Greendyke

Dr. Elaine F. Greene

Gay Greene and Robert Goeckel

Karl Greenhagle

Laurina Greenhill

Jennifer and Andrew Greenwald

Kristen Gregory

Anna Griebel

Fern Griesbach

Michael and Ginny Griffin

Agnes E. Griffith, PhD

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Griffith

Jerry Griffo

Rosemary Grimes

Suzanne Grimes

Carl Grimm

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Grimm

Gretchen A. Grimm

Mr Robert Grims

Marjorie Grinols

Daniel and Catherine Grisley

Ed and Terry Grissing

Kathleen Griswold

Scott and Meghan Griswold

Kevin Groff

Linda Groff

Debbie Grohman

Joanna and Michael Grosodonia

Barbara E. Gross

Patricia Gross

Stanley Gross

Mr. Robert C. Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Grossman

Raymond A. and Brenda Grosswirth

David and Susan Groth

Jill Gruber

Erika Gruszewski

David Louis Guadagnino

Gary Guagliardo

Mary Anne Guariglia

Lori Guarino

Brigitte and Klaus Gueldenpfennig

James and Jennifer Guelzow

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Guerin

Robert and Barbara Guhde

Sara Guidera

Inez Guilmette

Mrs. Robert Gulick

Stephen Gullace

Grace Gullo

Matthew Gunderson

Rahul Gupta

Mrs. Cynthia Gurell

Monica Gurell

Mr. Lew Gurley

Mike and Shari Gustin

Julie Gutch

Ms. Cheryl Guth

Daisy Guthin

Janelle Gutman

Mrs. Marion Gutzmer

Bradford and Jennie Guy

Kenneth M. and Carol A. Guyett

Ann L. Haag

Christopher and Lucinda Haag

J. Therese Haag-Olson

Ellen Haak

Sue Habbersett

Laura O. and Daniel Habza

Mr & Mrs James T Hach

Barbara M. Hackett

Daniel Hackett

Harry Hadley

Jane and James Haefner

Susan and James Haefner

Marcus Haffner

Donald Hage

Kimberly Hagen

Miss Nancy Hagenbach

David Hagenbach

Ann Hager

Robert V. Haggett

Leslie and David Haggstrom

Douglas and Ellen* Hague

Maryana Hahn

Elizabeth and Morris Haigh

John and Linda Haight

Mrs. Patricia Hainen

Mr. Gary D. Haines

Sarah Hajjar

Charles Hale and Dorothy Stansel

Penny Haley

Mr. and Mrs. William Haley, Jr.

Jeffrey and Lynne Halik

Gloria Hall

Robert and Deborah Hall

Peggy and David Hall

Walter and Maureen Hallagan

Joan Hallenbeck

Robert and Susan Hallenbeck

Christian and Helen Haller

Sandra Halleran

Elisabeth Halliday-Quan

Dorothy J. Halligan

Robert Hallstrom* and Lily Shaw

Noreen and David Halpern

Shawn and Deanna Halquist

Perry Halvatzis

Rod Ham

Fred and Martha Hamaker

Ralph and Salome Hamaker

Yukiko Hamamura

Karl W. and Diana Hamann

Maria Hambas

Laura Hameister and Richard Phipps

Sharon and Mark Hamer

Carolyn Hamil

David and MaryAnn Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton

Randolph D. and Barbara A. Hamilton

David and Edna F. Hamlin

George and Mary Hamlin

Hugh and Mary Clare Hamlin

Nancy and Henry Hamlin

Joe Hammele

Allyn Hammel

Benjamin Hammond

Holly Hammond

Thomas Hammond

William A. Hammond

Stuart Hanau and Linda Lohner

Mary Hancock

Martin and Sherrie Handelman

Joan Holub Handfield

Cindy Handley

Elizabeth Hanks

Sharon L Hanks

Thomas and Carol Hanley

Merlyn Hann

A. Michael and Barbara Hanna

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hanna

Michael Hanna

David Hanning

Janice and Robert Hansen

Ronald W. Hansen

Martha Hansen

Craig and Janice Hanson

Heather Hanson

Joan Hapeman

Kenneth and Judith Harbison

Diane Harbun

Michael Hardesty

Robert Hardies

Linda Hardock

Carol Hardy

David Hardy and Carol Topping

Marilyn and Dick Hare

Talley Hargrave

Christopher Haritatos

Charlene Harkness

Jon Harman

Karen Harmon

Andrew Harner

Doris Harper

Mike and Trish Harren

John Harrigan

Phyllis Harring

Connie Harrington

Lisa Harrington

Randa Harrington

Robert Harrington

Halbert and Judith Harris

Patricia Harris

Alan J. Harris

Christopher and Joanne Harris

Gretchen K. Harris

Lauren Harris

Mary S. Harris

Mary Harris

David and Sylvia Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrison

Hedra Harrison

Mr. James B. Harrison

Richard Harrison

Steve Harrison

Barbara and Bernard Hart

Evan Hart

James and Barbara Hart

Karen G. Hart*

Stephen and Margaret Hart

Joan Harter

Katie Hartford

Karen Hartlep

Mr. and Mrs. David Hartley

Virginia Hartley

Mr. James M. Hartman

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Hartman

Terry and Eileen Hartmann

Erin Hartnett

David Hartney

Mary Hartshorn

Harrison Hartsough

Jennifer Harvey

John and Deborah Harvey

Mary Harvey

Chris and Sandra Hasenauer

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hasiuk

Barbara Haskins

George and Irene Haskins

Peter and Barbara Hasler

Warren and Donna Hasman

Jane Hasselkus

Leza Hassett

Chelsea Hassig

Richard C. Hastings

Alison Hastings

Mary Hastings

Teresa Hastings

Bernice Hatch

Karen Hatch and Dirk Bernold

Ms. Patricia A. Hatch

Mona and Fadi Hatem

Stanley and Rosemarie Hattman

Alexander and Barbara Haug

Mary and Eric Hauptmann

Beverly Hauser

Paul and Anita Jacob Hauser

Douglas Hausner

Keith A. and Michele Havey

Gil and Judy Hawkins

Judith and Gilbert Hawkins

Richard and Linda Hawks

Tom Hawks

Mary Hawley

Kenneth Hay

Mr. and Mrs. William Haydanek

Cynthia Hayden

George and Laura Hayden

Kathleen Hayes

Timothy Hayes

William and Nancy Hayes

William and Patricia Hayles

Kim and Rachel Haynes

Shelby Haynes

Logan R. Hazen

John and Ruth Hazzard

Nancy Healy

Rus Healy

Darrell and Jennifer Hearne

Patrick Hebble

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heberger

Joyce Heberle

Doug and Liz Hebert

Samson Hebing

A. Scott Hecker

Amy R. Hecker and Howard S. Decker

Elihu Hedges

David A. and Brenda L. Heeks

Claire Heffernan

David Hefling

Ms. Sharon Hefner

Joye Hehn

Stephanie Heiermann

Warren and Joyce Heilbronner

David and Barrie Heiligman

Susan Heiligman

Warren and Barbara Heiligman

Michele Heine

Bob and Kathy Heinig

Columba and David Heinzelman

Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Heise

Chris Heisman

K. Guenther Heiss

Tom Heiss

John and Sharon Heister

John and Gail Heitmann

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Heitz

Thomas Held

Riaz Helfer

William H. and Carol Helferich

Lori Anne Heller

Todd Heller

Susan and Susan Hellman

Ellen Hemming

Kenneth T. and Maureen Hendel

Dr. Eoghan M. Henderson

Janette Henderson

Preston T. and Jeanne S. Henderson

Robert Henderson

Daniel Hendricks

Lisa Hendrickson

Sarah Hendrickson

William A. and Susan S. Henion

Pat Hennessey

Elizabeth Hennessy

Jeffrey Hennick

Joseph Henning

Janice Hennon

Emily Cobb Henry

Ms. Gail Henry

Sue and Donald Henry

Richard A. Henshaw

Karen Hensley

Barbara and Dieter Hentschel

Marc Herbert

Sharon Herbst

David Hergert

H. Robert and Joyce Herman

James Herman

Alfred* and Janet Herman

Kathleen Herman

Susan B Herman

Patricia and Don Herminghouse

Patricia Herminghouse

Joseph Hernandez

Julie Hernandez

Dr. Tomas Hernandez and Dr. Keith Reas

Ms. Mary Ann Heroux

Dr. and Mrs. Raul Herrera

Merrill and Dianne Herrick

Carol Herring

Emily Herrmann

K.L. Hersam and Paul Sawicki

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Hershey

Mr. Kenneth E. Herting

Ms. Susan Herzberg

Michael R. Herzog

Doug Hess

Robert and Marianne Hesselberth

James Hetzler

Stephen and Mary Heveron-Smith

Mrs. Robert W. Heyer

Janet Heyneman

Walter B.D. Hickey, Jr.

Alan Hickok

Bradford Hicks and Carrie Fay

Jack Hicks

Nathan Hicks

Christine Hickson

Dr. Florence M. Higgins and Mr. John Lebens

Tony and Jennifer Higgins

Tom and Nan Hildebrandt

Barbara Hildebrant

Morna Hilderbrand

Max Hilkert

Emily Hill

Steve Hill

Wendy Hill

Nancy Hiller

Staci Hiller

Diane Hillman

James Hilton

John and Donna Himmelberg

David C. and Patricia M. Hinkle

Janet T. Hinkley

Bruce R. and Janice V. Hinman

Sanjay and Ally Hiranandani

Thomas Hirasuna and Jean Hunter

Art and Barb Hirst

Jean Hitchcock

Barbara Hiza

Paul and Delphine Hoak

Mary Hockenberger

David and Mary Hodder

Ian Hodge

Mr. James E. Hoefen

Drs. Ryan and Makiko Hoefen

William and Kathleen Hoeger

Marie Hoepfl

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard G. Hoerbelt

Christine Hoffkins

Ken Hoffman

Dr. Marvin and Nancy* Yanes Hoffman

Paul Hoffman and Jane Schryver

Lisa Hoffmaster

Lawrence and Latane Hogg

Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Holcomb Jr.

Mark and Elizabeth Holcomb

John and Barbara Holder

Marguerite Holderle

(M)Jim and Alice Holihan

Daniel Holland

Mr. Daniel J. Holland

Matthew Holland

Sheila Hollander

Dan and Sandy Hollands

Andrew E. Holliday

Susan and Chris Holliday

Jacqueline Holliday

(M) Ida M. Holloran

Peter Holloran

Audrey W. Holly

Marilyn Holly

Thomas and Anne Holly

Wayne F. Holly

Audrey and G. Paul* Holm

Susan Holman

Dorothy A. Holmes

Dorothy Holmes

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Holmes

Nancy and William Holowka

Kathleen Holt and Stephen Lurie

Andrew and Kathleen Holt

Leanne Holt

Phillip and Margaret Holt

Barry Holtz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holtz

Mrs. Edward Holtzman

Mrs. James Holzbach

Shari M. Holzer

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Holzwasser

Jennifer and Richard Honeyman

Doleen Hood

John B. and Bonnie R. Hood

Richard and Donna Hooker

Linda D. Hoose

Letitia Hope

Philip and Eleanor Hopke

Britton and Janet E. Hopkin

Carol E. Hopkins

Mark Hopkins

Tala and Mark Hopkins

Irene Hopp

Jean and Richard Hordin

Andy and Adrian Horn

Donna Horn

Nancy Horn

Dr. Robert Horn and Dr. Patricia Nachman

Tezelia Hornberger

Donval Hornburg

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Horne

Joyce Horstman

Norman Horton

Patricia Horton

Lewis and Carol Hosenfeld

Dorothy Hoskins and Geoffrey Gretton

Connie Hotchkin

Marilyn and William Houck

Mrs. Beryl Houpt

Mark Houseknecht

John Housel

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hovey

Judith Howard

John Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Howard

Hon. Moses and Mrs. Patricia Howden

Larry and Barbara Howe

Mariesa Howe

Frances R Howell

Richard B. Howell

Kathy Howes

Dr. Jack and Harriette Howitt

Jackie and Rick Howitt

Cynthia L. Howk

Mrs. Jay W. Howk

Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry Howland

Dorothy and Perry Howland

Joanne Howland

Roger and Bonnie Howlett

Gary Hoyle

Mercy Huang

Anthony E. and Georgia Hubbard

George R. Hubbard

Holly Huber

Leslie and Sam Huey

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Huff

Rita Huffer

George S. and Joan M. Hugel

Ann and Robert Hughes

Douglas and Susan Hughes

Vanessa Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. James Hugick

Dr. Kelly R. Huiatt

Dr. William C. Hulbert

Wayne and Anne Hulbert

Charles Hull

Nina Hullett

Jamie Hulse

Mrs. Nancy E. Hulse

H. Larry and Dorothy C. Humm

Ashley Humm

Lauren Humphrey

Marjorie S. Humphrey

William Humphrey

Jim and Nancy Humphreys

Richard and Joyce Humphreys

Polly and Donald Hunsberger

Robert W. and Cindy Hunt

Arnold Hunt

William and Nancy Hunt

Randy and Jane G. Hunter

Mr. Stanley Hunting

Lisa Huntoon

Thomas Huonker

Susan Huppe

Sally Hurlbut

James Hurley

Mr. Richard J. Hurysz

Larissa Huss

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Husson

John and Diane Hust

Mr. and Mrs. John Hustler

Esther Huston

Mr. Donald C. Hutchins and Carolyn Hutchins

Floyd Hutchison and Eric Glassman

Mary M. Huth

Robert and Jennifer Hutter

Jack Huttner

Caitlin Hyde

Ryan Hyde

Karen Hyder

Yvonne Hylton

Mr. Robert S. Hyman

Susan M Hyser

Linda Iacelli

Marc and Ann Iacona

Bruce Iannuzo

Christopher Ieda

Frederick J. and Jacqueline A. Iekel

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Ierardi

Mr Wallace Iglewski

Martha Ihrman

Yuri Ikeda

Jeffrey Iler

John Impaglia

Judith Infantino

Earl and Mary* Ingersoll

David and Carol Ingle

Ellen M. Ingram

Rebecca Inman

Carolyn Insalaco

Richard and Mary Insel

Joanne Insull

Bob Insull

Frank Interlichia

Orna Intrator

Pam and Robert Iocco

Mr. Jerry Ippolito

Daniel Ireland

Lewis Irvin

Paul and Karen Irvine

Dan Irwin

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Isaac

Louis and Jamie Isganitis

Robert and Maria Isgro

James and Sherrill Ison

Robert and Merilyn Israel

Michael Iten

Jonathan Ivers

Nancy Ives

Richard and Molly Ives

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Iwan

Jean L. Izard

John and Donna Izzo

Barbara Jablonski

Joan Jackling

Dewey Jackson

Krista Jackson

La Marr J. Jackson, Esq.

Louis Jackson

Melanie Jackson

Robert and Mary* Jackson

Bruce Jacobs

Leslie H. Jacobs in memory of her husband, Stephen D. Jacobs

Elaine Jacobsen

Amy Jacobson

Howard and Shirley Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Perry M. Jacobstein

Lara Jacoby

Karen and Randy Jacque

John Jaenike, Jr.

Christopher and Gail Jagel

Jeremy Jagla

Kimberly Jaloszynski

Ms. Emily Jamberdino

Jacalyn James

Deborah James

Ms. Mary Taylor-James

Mark Janeshek

Roger Janezic and Lori Bryce

Hank and Cynthia C. Jankowski

Dee Jankowski

Erik Janson

Peter Jarmulowicz and Kimberly Wix

Paula and Harold Jarnicki

Steven Jarose and Marvin Ritzenthaler

Sue and Nathan Jaschik

Warren Jayne

Kelly Jeffers

Stephanie Jeffers

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Jefferson, Jr

Gail and Howard Jehan

Gerald L. and Lois S. Jenkins

Jermaine Jenkins

Lyle Jenks

William Jennes

Helen and Robert Jennette

Scott Jennings

Janet S. Jennison

Edward Jensen and Clara Warren

Kitty Jensen

Mary Ann Jensen

Louise Jesserer and Dale LaDue

David and Patricia Jewell

Victor Jimenez

Candice J. Job

Ronald and Martha Jodoin

Dorothy Johns

Patricia Johns

Steven Johns

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Johnson

Jill Johnson

Benjamin H. Johnson

Carolyn S Johnson

Elaine Johnson

Gregory and Christie Johnson

Joseph W. and Elaine S. Johnson

Kathleen Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Kent L. Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Leslie Johnson

Lester Johnson

Nadine Johnson

Nathan Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Robert Johnson

Steve and Jeanne Johnson

Chris Johnston

Frank and Susan Johnston

Bill and Annette Johnstone

Jeffrey and Martha Johnstone

Norman J. and Helen A. Johnstone

Scott Jolly

Agnes Jonas

Dolly Jonasse and Alfred Wild

Dr. and Mrs. H. Douglas Jones

Rebecca Jones

Carol Jones

Donald H Jones

Maryanne Jones

Gary and Candy Jones

Gregory and Gale Jones

Karen Jones

Lawrence Jones

Drs. Linda and James Hight

Nancy Jones

Robert Jones

Robert and Elizabeth Jones

Robert K. Jones

Steve Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Jones

S. Jones

Theresa Jones

Thomas and Mary Jones

Walter W. and Diane Jones

Mr. Gilbert F. Jordan

Isaac Jordan

Jeremy Jordan

Marilyn and James Jordan

Beth Jorgensen

Linda Josephs

Nicholas and Kathryn Jospe

John and Carole Joyce

Mrs. Margret M. Joynt

Dr. Ralph F. Jozefowicz

Linda Judd

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Judson, Jr.

Carla Jungquist

Mrs. Marlane R. Juran

Robert and Marcia Jurena

M. Justice

Thomas and Deborah Kadlubowski

John T. and Susan T. Kaemmerlen

Richard and Margaret Kaeuper

Eileen Kaiser

Nancy A. Kaiser

Robert J. and Marilyn Kaiser

Daniel Kajdas

Joan Kalen

Leonard and Nina Kalen

Kenneth Kaleta

Christine Kalinowski

Valerie and Robert Kalwas

George and Betsy Kalweit

Ms. Leticia Kalweit

Constance Kaminski

Katy Kammeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kamp

Cathleen Kane

Clifford Kane

Joann Kanedemott

Jo Kanis

Christina A. and Kenneth C. Kansco

Dr. and Mrs. Harold Kanthor

Marcus Kantz

Kipling and Adrienne Goh

Daryl and Charles* Kaplan

Sharon Kaplan

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Kaplan

Patricia Kapur

Lori and Frank Karbel

Peter Karda

John and Sharon Karl

R Karnisky

Marjorie Karowe

Judy and Norm Karsten

Robert S. and Myrna Karz

Albert and Phyllis Kasdin

Philip and Polly Kasey

Igor and Yelena Kashtan

Brandon Kasperkoski

Barbara and David Kassnoff

Mark and Susan Kastan

Theodore and Georgia Kastrinos

Heidi Katz and Carl Chiarenza

Bruce Katz

Dianne S. Katz

Eliot Katz

Dr. and Mrs. Lester Katzel

Michelle Kauffman

John and Janice Kaufman

Cathleen Kausch

Donald E. and Kathleen D. Kautzky

Grazina Z. Kavaliunas

David Kavanagh

Wendy Kavanagh

Barbara and Robert Kay

Linda Kay

Diane Kazak

Anita F. Kealey

David Keefe and Patricia Lewis

Margaret Keefe

Michael Keefe

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Keenan

John Keevert

Mrs. Robert E. Keim

Mary and Wayne Keim

Bennett Keiser

Karen and Thomas Kelchlin

Lawrence and Jane Keller

Maria Keller

Mary Keller

David Keller

Christen Kelley

Daniel and Erin Kelley

Linda Kelley

Patrick and Kathleen Kelly

Terry Kelly

Kimberly Kelstone

Dave Kemp

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kemp

Jack M. and Ginny Kench

Mr. and Mrs. Keng

Bernice Kennard

Robert J. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Kennedy

David and Laurie Kennedy

Duncan and Nancie Kennedy

Emily Kennedy

Johnelle Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

Sandra J. Kennedy

Susan Kennedy

Jennifer Kenney

John Kensy

Donald Kent

Dr. Gary Kent

James and Rose Kent

Marie and Charlie Kenton

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kenyon

Gail Kenyon

Laurie Keough

William and Jean Keplinger

Jacob Keplinger

John Kerekes

Nanda Kerkar

Robert and Patricia Kerper

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Kerr

Mary Kerr

Jacob and Sandra Kersbergen

Karen Kessler

Susan and Robert Kessler

Steven Ketch

Robynlyn Ketchum

Glenn Keyes

Marita Keys

William and Joan Keyser

Awtar Khalsa

Tim Kibler

Alvie and Nancy Kidd

Mrs. Cynthia Kielon

Susan Kieren

Marilyn and John Kiesling

Sarah Kiessling

Ms. Judith B. Kiley

David Kilgore

Richard Killmer

Barry and Catherine Kilpatrick

Jody Kim

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Kimbrough

Martin and Carol Kimmel

Roberta Kinel

David King

Katherine King

Kelly King

Mary Elizabeth King

Samuel R. King

Mrs. David Kingston

Brian Kinney

Elizabeth Kinney

Patrick and Elizabeth Kinney

Susan Kinney

Patricia B. Kinnunen

Patrick Kinz-Thompson

Justin Kirby

Henry Kirch

Kirstin Kirdani

Leila Kirdani

Caitlin Kireker

Legrand and Jacqueline Kirk

Julie Schum Kirkwood

Trudy Kirshner

William Kirshner

Lynne Kirst

Douglas and Evelyn Kirst

Richard Kirtland

Jane Kitchen

Terell Kittelberger

Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Kittelsen

George and Sarah Kittredge

Margie and Harry Kitz

Theodore and Mary Ann Kitze

Marilyn* and David Klass

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson C. Klees

Mr. Edward Klehr

Barbara Klein

Connie Klein

Dale Klein

Dawn and David Klein

Lawrence Klein

Marcella Klein and Richard Schaeffer

Dolores L. Kleinberg

Martin and Margaret Kleinman

Marti and Burton Kleinman

Donna Klick

Karen and Tom Klingenberger

Carol R. Klinger

Robert and Gloria Klink

Emily Klinzing

Rose-Marie Klipstein

Sharon Klocek-Ibbotson

Christine R. Klos

Benzi Kluger

Linda Knab

Margaret Knapp

Peter and Leslie Knapp

Susan Knauer

Alan and Patti Knauf

Edward Knauf

James A. Knauf, Jr.

Emily Knaul

Ann Knigge and Al Buckner

James Knight

Ken Knight and Ann Curtin-Knight

Robert and Linda Knipe

Sheila and Sheila Knipper

Dana Knisley

Sandra Knispel

Carl Knitter

Mr. Paul A. Knoke

Richard and Karen Knowles

Lyndee Knowlton

Cynthia B. Knox

Myrta and Robert Knox

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Knox

Wendy Knudsen and George Farrell

Matt Koch

Glenn and Nancy Koch

Gary G. Kochersberger

James and Sharon Kodweis

Petar Kodzas and Ines Draskovic

Kenneth and Linda Koehler

Mary Koehler

Matthew Koehler

Carl Kohl

Sarah and Gene* Kohlenberg

Jessica Kohout

Hon. Joan S. Kohout

James Kolberg

Seth Kolkin

Dvorah and Myron Kolko

Mark and Mona Friedman Kolko

Jim* and Marianne* Koller

Dave* and Sandy Kolupski

Mayya Komisarchik

Mrs. Ellen Konar

Mrs. Sheila Konar

Michael Koncilja

Jeffrey Koniski

Bruce and Laurie Konte

Lee E. and Pamela Koon

Mr. and Mrs. James Koon

Kim Kopatz and Derek Linton

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kopf, Jr.

Lynn Korenfeld

Anne Korenstein

Daniel and Diane Koretz

Dr. and Mrs. Martin W. Korn

Deborah and George Kornfeld

Todd Korol

Alex Koroleski

Ms. Barbara Korpal

Edith Kort

Linda and Robert Kostin

Ashley Kostreva

Amy Kotlarz

Carole Kovacs

Paulina and Laurence Kovalsky

Denise B. Kovnat

David Kowalski

Barbara E. Kozel

Elsbeth J. Kozel

Allen Kozinski

Donald Kozlowski

Richard and Marilyn Krager

Karen S. Kral

Carol Kramer

Gregory and Barbara Krapf

Janel Kratky

Marcus Kratts

John Kratzert

Marcy and Ray Kraus in loving memory of Dr. Allan & Charlotte Kraus

James Kraus in memory of Elaine Primavera Kraus

Ronald and Nancy Kraus

Noah C. Krause

Barbara and Jack Kraushaar

Sean Krauss

Lynn Krauss-Prince

Mr. Michael Kravetz

Carol Krebs

Marcia Krebs

Drs. Richard Kreipe and Mary Sue Jack*

Mrs. Kreiss

Chari and Joel Krenis

Ms Marilyn Krepps

Daniel and Jane Kress

Urban and Monica Kress

Mary Kreutter

Andrea Kreuzer

Albert W. Kreyl

David Krickmire

Peter and Helen Kristal

Robert and Karla Krogstad

Richard and Pamela Kroll

Michael Krueger

Wendy Krug

Mr. Donald P. Kruggel

Mr. Paul J. Kruggel

Theresa and Theresa Kruk

Miriam and Art Kruppenbacher

Brian and Jennifer Kruschwitz

Deanna and Charles Krunsenstjerna

Gladys Kryger

Victor and Jean Krym

William Kuchta

John and Anne Kuebel

Thomas H. Kuebel

Robert B. Kuehl

Daniel Kuhman

Robin Kukla

Cynthia Kukuvka

Kraig and Susan Kummer

Peter and Debbie Kummer

Isadora Kunitz

John and Penny Kunkel

M.E. Kunz

Werner and Susan Kunz

Karen Kunze

W. Peter Kurau

Marshall Kurfiss

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall N. Kurfiss

Thomas and Elizabeth Kurilovitch

Harold and Christine Kurland

Catharine M. Kurz

Mr. Edward A. Kurz

Mr Donald Kusak

Kathleen Kushner

J. Kushner

John and Kathy Kutolowski

Celia Kutz

Lisa Kuzin

Kim G. Kvocka

Cathryn and Robert Kwit

Ik-Sung and Zuza Kwon

Joe and Katherine LaBarca

Jeffrey LaBarge

Sandra and Salvatore LaBella

Paul and Elaine Laboski

John and Lisa Lacci

Mark Lacelle-Peterson

Clayton LaClair

John Lafave

Mrs. Catherine Laglia

Louise Laiacona

Fred and Kathy Laitenberger

Jennifer Lake

Samana Lake

Linda M. Lakeman

Mattie Laley

Larissa Lalka

Daniel and Janice Lalonde

David and Deborah LaManna

David and Andrea Lambert

Brian Lambert

Mr. Robert J. Lambrix

Melissa LaMendola

Ralphine L. Lamonica

Jo Ann Lampman

H. Darrell Lance

Heather and Don Lancett

Kerry Landauer

Richard and Susan Landholm

Dr. and Mrs. Leo R. Landhuis

Donna M. Landry

Susan Bauman Landwirth

Douglas Landy

Lane Family Fund

Nancy and David Lane

Stephen Lane

Joanne Lang

William Lang

Alexandra Lang-Bentley

Kathleen Langdon

Mrs. Patricia Lange

Lou Langie

Heather Langley

David and Susan Langmann

Elaine Lanni

Kathryn Lansberry

Linda Lanza

Ross P. Lanzafame

Marie Lapple

Amanda Laprime

Josephine Bowen LaRose

Vince and Nancy LaRouche

Susan M. and Craig Larson

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Lascell

Albert F. Lashier

Hyman and Susan Lasker

Teresa Laskowski

Jodie Lasky

Mr. Thomas G. Lathrop

Mr. and Mrs. R. Alan Lattime

Elizabeth Lattimore

Bill Laubert

Diana Lauria

John F. and Margaret Pace Lausin

Marc and Rebecca Lavender

Paul Law

James and Anita Lawler

Mrs. Judiana Lawrence

Linda Lawrence

Richard and Linda P. Lawrence

Tiffany Lawrence

Therese Lawson

Joanne E. Layton

Jeanette R. Lazary

Carol Lazenby

Robert Lazenby

Mrs. John Lazor

Deb and Gary Leary

John and Carol Leary

Wilfred LeBlanc

James LeBlanc

Lorna LeBlanc

Dr. Edward Lebowitz

Carolyn Leccese

John and Alice Leddy

Dr. David S. Lederman

Brenda D. Lee

Christopher and Jacqueline Lee

Dorothy Lee

Joyce Lee

Nancy H. Lee

Simone Lee

Richard and Gail Leess

Gregory Lefebre

Robert S. Legge

Derrick Legters

Joan Lehman

Barbara and Henry Lehning

Jody Lehr Waite

Karen Smallman and Bill Leibenguth

Anca Leibovici

Ed and Jean Leicht

Karen Leicht

Jeremy A. and Carol Leichtner

David Leidig

Roger and Susan Leighton

Holly Leisten

Marie Leistman

Rev. Sandra Lemke

Natalie Lemmon

Sandy Lemmon

Gay and Don Lenhard

Earl Lenhard

Debra Lennon

Katharine Lennox

Michele Lennox

Joseph Lentini

Fred and Christina Lenz

Bruce and Ann Leonard

Jennifer Leonard and David Cay Johnston

Nicholas Leonard

Rachael Leonard

Richard and Michael Leonard

Anne Leone

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Leone, Jr.

Susan Lerch and Susan Kwik

Sandra N. and Rudolph Lerner

Amy Lerner


Roseann Lesio

Roman Lesiv

William Leslie

Lenore and Marshall Lesser

Brian Lester

Ingrid Lestorti

Jennifer Leuzzi

Howard and Nancy LeVant 

Deborah Levar

Doris and Austin Leve

David Leve and Robin Buonomo 

Dr. Pamela A. Leve

Ms. Jill LeVesque

William J. and Ann C. Levesque 

William Levesque

Mrs. Jane Levin

Alexander Levine

Michael Levine

Meyer Levy

Dwaine and Mortimer Levy

Helene Lewis

Jani Lewis

Joan Lewis

Katherine Lewis and Richard Chasman

Robert Lewis 

Bob Lewis

T.C. and Pam Lewis

Quentin Lewis-McKinzie

Vivian Li

Amanda Liang

Joan Libby

Frank Liberti

Walter Licata

Ben Lichtin and Grace Seiberling

Elise Lieberman

Sarah F. Liebschutz

Robert Ligenza

Robert and Mary Jane Lighthouse 

Frank Ligons

Jean Ligozio

James Lilly

William H. Lilly

Diane Lim

Wincheng Lin

Timothy and E. Kathleen Lincoln 

Vicki Lind

Linda Rubens

Ken and Katherine Lindahl

Velma Lindberg

Vern and Joan Gray Lindberg

Barbara and Terry Lindenmuth

Bob and Dodie Linder

Nicole Lindquist

Margaret Lindsey, M.D.

Kathy J. Lindsley

Maryjane Link

Charles and Gwendolyn Linn

Rose Linscott

Karen Linton

M. Lipani

Elizabeth Lipker

Martha Lipp

Daniel Lippa

Dr. Dawn Lipson

Lisa Gambino and Robert Slebodnik

Joseph Lisi

Catherine Little

Cynthia Little

Ronald and Leigh Little 

Terri and Richard Littlefield 

Jane Littwitz

John Littwitz

Robert and Elizabeth Litwiller

Raymond Liutkus

David and Debra Livingston 

Michael Livingston

Renate P. Livingston

Quentin Llop

Janet Llowell

Anne Lloyd

Carl and Marcia Lloyd

Justin Lloyd

Sandra Hawks Lloyd

Elizabeth LoGiudice

Barbara L. Lobb

Glenda Lockard

James and Susan Locke

Margaret Locke

Leslie Locketz

Janet and Haines Lockhart

Megan Lococo

Sue and Michael Lococo

Frederick and Lucille Loder 

Sara Lodini

Ms. Judith H. Loeb

Lorrie Lofaso

John and Dolores Loftus

Heidi and Joseph Logan, Jr.

Louis Loggi

Eric Logigian

Robert L. and Judith Lohr 

Shorna Loiseau

Andy Lok

Jacob LoMaglio

Salvatore and Josephine Lombardo 

Steven and Betsy Lombardo 

Roy Lomicka 

Curtis and Elizabeth Long

Maxine Long and Bill McCleary

Ray Long

Roberta Lonobile

Gloria J. Loomis

Dr. and Mrs. Norman R. Loomis

Angel Lopez

Edwin J. Lopez-Soto and Patricia Braus 

Tracey Lopez

Enrico Lopez-Yanez

Edith M. Lord

Gary L. and Lori A. Lorraine 

David and Julie Losee

Linda Lotia

Gerald and Susan Lotierzo

Henryk Lotyczewski

Mrs. Elfriede K. Lotz

Dan and Nancy Loughran

Sara Love

Tanzy Love

Carol C. Lovell

John and Barbara Lovenheim 

Kyle Lovering

Wendy Lovette

Donald and M. Ann Lowe 

Jean Lowe and Alan Reddig

John Lowe

Shirley H. Lowe

Linda Lowenstein

Max Lowenthal

Mr. Robert Lowenthal

Gail Lowery and Thomas Lowrey 

Rebecca Lowery

Alan and Carol Lowne 

Marcia Lowry

Dr. Diane Lu and Jeremy A. Cooney, Esq.

Paul and Teresa Ludington 

Susan and Chris Luedde

Linda Luffred

Charles R. Luke

Deborah Lundberg

Kara Lundgren

Michelle Lunn

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lurie

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lustik

Anne Lutkus

Ed Lutterbein

Charlotte Lynch

Ellen Lynch

James Lynch

Thomas and Dorcas Lynch

Edward J. and Kathleen L. Lynd

John and Judy Lynd

Johnny and Shirley Lynn

Leonard J. and Audrey Lyons 

Dusan and Janet Lysy 

Sandra and Gerald Maar 

Camilla Maas

Chris Maas

Gwendolyn Mabie

William J. and Joanne MacBlane 

Ms. Margaret Maccio

Antoinette MacDonald

Owen MacDonald

Daniel and Diane MacEwan

Jeremiah Casey and Patrick Macey

Sarah MacGillivray

Wayne Machamer

Lynn Mack

Matthew Mack

Thaddeus Mack

Elizabeth MacKinnon

Hilda MacKinnon

Timothy Macko

Ms. Carole MacMonagle

Marjorie Madej

Thomas and Sandra Madejski

Stella and George Maderer 

Swaminathan and Janice Madhu

Kalyani Madhu and Ashwani Chhibber 

Dace and Paul Madore

Russell and Mary Lou Madsen

Mrs. Daniel G. Magee

Chen and John Magee

Robert Maggi

Michael and Suzanne Maggiulli

Eileen C. Magin

Charles Maginness and Elaine Maginess 

Patrick Maginnis

Rev. Fred Magley

Bernice M. Mahar

Dan and Kiki Mahar

Keira Mahar

Mary Mahar

Emma L. Maher

Michael Mahoney

Janet Maida

Debra and Edward Maier

Gary and Jean Maier 

Barbara-Ann Mattle and H. Edwin Maier

Paula Maier

William Maier

David Makepeace

Mark Malcolm II

Frank Maley

James and Mary Maley 

Dennis and Patricia Malinowski 

Pat Malinowski

Jeanne Mallia

Anthony and Judith Malone 

Kaeley Malone

Pamela Krug Maloof

Lynn Malooly

Ms Linda Malta

Jennifer Maltby

Louis and Theresa Malucci

Angela Mambro

Bill and Deb Mammosser

Caroline and Raymond Manard

James and Rosa Mance

Joseph J. Mancini

James Mancuso

Bart Mandarano

Charles Mangan

Thomas Mangan

Doreen Mangee

James and Patricia Mangin

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mangold

Ron Mangone

Tony and Donna Manicone

Sandy and Jack Maniloff

Rita Manners

Melissa Manney

Julia Manning

Ms. Marguerite Manning

Darlene Mante

Janet Manuel

Lynne Manuel

Mary Manuel

Genevieve Mao

Jeffrey C. and Linda L. Mapstone

Leonard Maracle

Nicholas Maragus

Ms. Marcia Doser

Jeannette Marchant

Edward and Jan Marchetti 

Bonnie Marciante

Theresa Marconi

Suzanne Margerum

Peter Mariani

Becky and Joe Marinelli

Andrea Marino

Barbara and Anthony Marino 

James Marino

Judie Marinucci

Kathryn Markakis

Carol and Robert Markham 

Michelle Marks

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Markus

Gloria Marlett

Anthony Maroldo

Olivia Marozzi

Douglas Marple

Taimi Marple

Diana Marquis

Stephen Marra

Charlotte Marsh

Saul and Susan Marsh

Mrs. Bruce P. Marshall

Stan Marshall, Jr.

Linda M. Marsters

Francine Martella

Myriam Marte-Velez

Debra Martin and Douglas Merrill

Henry and Annabelle Martin 

Lisa Martin

Rev. Mary E. Martin

Stephen and Ann Martin 

William Martin

Melissa Martisch

Mr. Lawrence Martling

Ed and Carolyn Maruggi

Frances and Robert* Marx

Jaclyn Masci

Karen Masci

Robert Maser

Dr. Charles D. Maskiell

L. Masley

David W. Mason

Richard and Kate Massie

Brenda Massie

Kathleen Massimilian

Erika Masters

Jeff Masters

Noreen L. Mastro

Gail Mastrodonato

Dick Mastrodonato

Angeline Mastromatteo*

Chris Mathew

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mathew

Stephen Matkowsky and Elzbieta Charchalis

Arnold Matlin

Gary Matson

Nance Matson

Ms. Judith Mattern*

Lilian and James Matteson

Carol and John Matteson

Christopher Matthews

James W. Maurer

Kathryn Maurer

Beverly Maville-Letter

Mary Ann Mavrinac

Dr. James Maxwell

Joan Maxwell

Georgia May 

Jim May

John and Maureen May

Thomas May

Susan and Edward Maybeck 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mayer

Melissa Maynard

George and Judie Mayo 

Sara Mills Mazie

Matthew Mazura

Carolyn Mazzota and David Sek

Cathy Mazzotta

Donald and Theresa Mazzullo 

Robert and Mary McAdam 

Nancy and Joe McAfee

E. R. McAnarney

William McAvaney

Brenda McBride

Kate McBride

John Mccabe

C. Thomas and Emily McCall

Linda and Jim McCann

Francene McCarthy

Brian and Nancy McCarthy 

Jean McCarthy

Kristine McCarthy

Martin McCarthy

Mary McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

David and Dorcas McCartney

Meredith W. and Richard McCaughey 

P. McCauley

Charles P. McCausland

Ms. Debra McClarin

James McClellan

Betty Mc Clenney

Edward G. McClive

Nicole McClurg

Steve and Kim McCluski 

Donald and Marcia McComb 

Jeff McCord

Chris McCormack

Stan and Janis McCormack

Megan McCormick

Timothy and Joan McCormick 

Elizabeth McCoy

Matthew McCoy

John R. and Marilyn R. McCrank

H. Winn McCray

Nancy McCulloch

Karen and Joseph McCune

Ms. Vera McCune*

William and Erin McCune, in memory of Vera McCune

Celia McCurdy

Gilbert Kennedy McCurdy

Kate McCurdy

Mr. Michael McCusker

Maranne McDade Clay

Elizabeth McDade

Susan H. McDaniel and David Siegel 

Barbara McDonald

Sandra McDonald

Virginia McDonald

D. Richard and Mary Ellen McDougal 

Gail and Jerry McElroy

Ernest and Vera McFadden 

Geraldine McFadden

Thomas McFadden

Amy McFarlane

Mary McFee

Matthew and Ruthann McGarry

Dick and Sandra McGavern

Barbara McGlynn

Christina McGlynn and Sabrina DeVos 

Francis and Jane McGory 

Ms. Bernice McGovern

Christina McGovern

Sandy McGovern

Suzanne McGovern

Jack McGowan and Kathleen Muscato

Kathleen McGowan

Kathleen McGrail and Robert Reid

Thomas and Donaldlene McGrain 

Michael McGrane

Richard W. McGrath

Elizabeth McGrath

Robert F. and Christine McGraw 

Krystal McGuinness

Rita and James McHale 

Jennifer McHugh

Debbie McIlveen

Stephen McInally

Daniel McInerney

Amanda McIntosh

Daniel G. McIntosh and P. Amanda Parsons

Dana W. McIver

Robert H. and Karen McIver 

Mr Michael R. McKain

Genevieve McKee

Chuck McKeever

Carol McKenna

Santa McKenna

Valerie McKenzie

Cathleen McKeown

Barbara McKinley

Chita and Robert* McKinney

Patricia McKinny

Laurin McKnight

Kevin McLaud

Coleen McLean

James and Maija McLean 

Philip McLean

Bruce and Eleanor McLear

Sabrina McLeod

Tim and Mary McMahon

Mrs. James R. McMillen

Ms. Christine McMullen

Jason and Helene McMurray 

Dr. and Mrs. Neal McNabb

Ian McNabb

Mr. David McNair

Patrick McNally

Peggy McNamara

Robert and Karin McNamara 

David McNeeley

John W. McNeill

Martha R. McNeill

Joseph McNett

Mrs. John McNulty

John and Kathleen McQueen

Kellie and Michael McRae

Dr. George J. McVey

Ted Mead

Douglas Meadows

Marcia Meagher

Cecilia Meagher

Marilyn Means

Robert Mear

Evan Meccarello

Margaret and Bob Mecredy

Edward Medina-Torres

Diann and Tom Meek

Peggy Meeker and Marie Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mees

Robert and Stella Megargle

Bonnie Meguid

W. Douglas and Betty Mehaffie 

Janet Mehaffie

Lynn Mehlman and Mark Dumont

Rebecca Meidt

Ms. Carol Meier

Jean Meier

Leah Meixell

Thomas and Carolyn G. Melanson 

Steven Melcher

Amanda Meldrum

Christopher Melito

Dennis L. Mellander

Cynthia Mellen Scoda

Heather Melnick

Julie and Roy Melton

Kristine Melvin

Mr. A. James Memmott

Marion Mench

Robert and Carol Menchel 

Paul Menge

Mary Menz

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Menz

Jean Mercandetti

Stephanie Mercer

Patrick Mercury

Kirk and Marilyn Meritt

Patricia Merle

Margaret Merli

Marilyn Merrigan

Carmel Merrill and Richard Lunt 

David Merrill

Rosemary Merrill

Pete* and Sally Merrill

Whit Merrill

Rebecca Merusi

William and Helen Merzel 

Alicia Messenger

Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Messina, Jr.

Donald Messina

Ms. Ruth Messinger

Thomas Messmer

Helen T. and William Messner 

Kimberly M. Messner

Peter Messner

Leon Metlay and Nina Klionsky

Ms. Rita D. Metras

Jennifer Mettler

Steven Metzger

Robert J. and Marcia Wishengrad Metzger

Tracy Meyer

Anne S. Meyer

Clint Meyer

David and Alice Meyer

Dorothy Meyer

Jeffrey Meyer

Katherine A. Meyer

Heidi Zimmer-Meyer and Paul Meyer 

Ralph and Martha Meyer

Walter Meyer

Edwin L. and Janet R. Meyering 

Suzanne Meyerowitz

Daniel M. Meyers

Ronald Meyers

Michael Miano

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Michael

Mr. Frank M. Michaels

John and Carol Michaels

Nancy H. Michel

David Michelson

Ruth Michelson 

Joan and Stephen Michie

Dr. Richard and Georgia Micoli

Kenneth and Eileen Midavaine 

Joann E. Middleton

Susanne Miedlich

Ken and Nancy Mihalyov

Mayda Mihevc

Ingrid Mikk

Lisa Milano

Vanessa Milano

Janet Miles

Scarlett Miles

Adam Militello

Ellen Howe Milko

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Millard

Abigail Miller

Beverly Miller

Sigrun and Brian Miller

David and Cynthia Miller

Dennis and Nancy Miller 

Douglas K. Miller and Sally Hirst

Duane and Ida Miller

Edna Miller

Betty Miller

Esther Miller

Eugene F. Miller

Hinda and Michael Miller

Ira Miller

J. Scott and Susan L. Miller

Jennie and Wesley Miller 

Karen Miller

Katherine Miller

Kyle Miller

Leslie Miller

Emmett H. and Mary E. Miller

Michael Miller

Mona Miller

Randall Miller

Renee Miller

Rigmor Miller

Robert Miller

Sanford and Jill Miller

Shirley and Scott Miller 

Susan Miller

Tamie Miller

Tim Miller

William Miller

Carol Millet

Elizabeth Milliken

Nicki Millor

David and Susan Milner

Hon. Renee Minarik

Cheryl A. Minchella

Jeff Minerd

Catherine Mineur

Fritz and Maura Minges 

Benjamin Minier

Jonathan Mink and Janet Cranshaw

Rosemary A. Mishrell

Mary E. Miskell and Terrance Clar

Jason Miskuly

Mrs. Ellen Mitchell

Jim Mitchell

Linda Mitchell

Mary Mitchell

Lugene C. Mitchell

Barbara S. Mitrano

Sandra Mitzner

Charles Moehs

Alexandra Moellmann

Lynn Mohrhoff

Carolyn Lee Mok

Joyce Mole

Deanne Molinari

Martin Q. Moll, Jr.

Richard A. Monacell

Gloria Monacelli

Debra and Michael Monaco

Mrs. Ruth Monaco

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Moncrief

Rachel Monfredo

Rebeca Monk

Ms. Mary Ann Monley

Jessica Mono

Charles Monsees

Ilene Montana

Brian Montana

Carolyn Montanaro

Heather Montfort

Diane and Daniel Montondo

David and Debbie Montrallo

Tim and Joni Montroy

John and Marion Montstream 

Mrs. Thomas Moonan

Joann Mooney

Karen Mooney

Barbara Moore

Ms. Carolyn Moore

Denise Moore

James and Geraldine Moore

John M. Moore

Karen and John Moore

Lida Moore

Robert and Elizabeth Moore 

Susan Moore

G. Moorhouse

Tricia Moose

Joseph Mora

Jeffrey T. Moran

Thomas Moran

Susan Morehouse

William Morehouse

Eileen M. Moreland

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Morelle, Jr.

Hon. and Mrs. Joseph Morelle, Sr.

Joanne Morello

Cheryl and Dan Moreno 

Jim and Jeanne Morey

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Morgan

Charles Morgan

Ms. Randy Morgenstern

David Moriarty

Kathleen Howe

Patrick and Tara Morley 

Morning Musicale

Kimberly Moronski

Ruth and Richard Morrill 

Patricia Morris Bryan

Mr. J. Emory Morris

James Morris

Jennifer Morris

Karen Morris

Mrs. Marjorie Morris*

Pamela Morris

Robert Morris

Carolyn Morrison

Kelly Thevenet-Morrison

Mary Morrison

Bob and Cheryl Morrison

Thomas and Judith Morrow 

Carol and Philip Morse 

L. Janet Lawrence-Morse

Karen Morse

Ruth I. Morton

Roy and Sue Moses 

Robert Moshey

Cindy Mossburg

Michael and Virginia Moszkowicz

Ryan Mott

Gail and Joe Mowrer, M.D.

Kevin and Brenda Mudd 

Brittany Muechler

Frank and Carol Mueller

Leta Mueller

Alan H. Mueller

Chris and Catherine Mueller

Karl F. Mueller

Sandra Mueller

John Muenter

William and Sabra Mugnolo 

Barbara and Anthony Mugnolo

Gerard and Jeanne Muhl

Barry E. Muhs

Katherine Mulbry

Joseph and Linda Mulcahy

James Mulcahy

Steven Mull

Thomas P. and Joan C. Mullaney 

David and Monika M. Mullen

Julie Mullen

Pastor and Mrs. Donald Muller

Mr. and Mrs.* Otto Muller-Girard

Clara Mulligan

Megan Chamberlain Mullins

Kerrie Mulroney

William and Brenda Munch 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Munson

David Munson

Elaine Munson

Theodore and Shirley Munson 

Shirley Murphy

Benjamin Murphy

George M. Murphy

Michael P. and Wendy R. Murphy

Norene L. Murphy

Rita Murphy

Black-Murphy Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

Taylor Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Murray

Judy M. Murray

Kathleen Murray

Mary Murray

Tim Murtaugh

Gerald and Kathleen Murty 

Michael Murty

Edward Muszynski

Phyllis and Alec Mutz 

Dr. Gary and Ruth Myers

Ann Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Myers

Janet Myers

Joan Myers

Mrs. Joan L. Myers

Kelly Myers

Perry and Elinor Myers 

Elizabeth and Richard Myers

Rita Myers

Thomas and Rose Mary Myers 

Raymond and Patricia Naber 

Claire Nabrotzky

Morton Nace III

Dawn Nagel

Mrs. Barbara Nagle

Marcia Najjar

Louise Naldo

Ben Nally

Thomas Nanni

Rita Narang

Mary Ann Bello

Dr. Philip S. Nash

Leila Nassar

Scott Nather

Navitar, Inc.

Michael D. Nazar

Dr. Lawrence and Sharon Nazarian

Dwayne Neal

Michael Neary

Alexandra Neckles

Matthew Nedvin

Diana Needham

Brent D. Neeley

Le Roy Neeper

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Neivert

Georgia and Kinloch Nelson 

Lisa Nelson

Maxine Nelson

Michelle Nelson

Sam Nelson

Todd Nelson

Martin and Thelma Nemeroff 

Susan Nerwin

Calvin Nesbitt 

John E. Nesbitt

Matthew Nesci

Mildred G. Ness

Paul Marc and Pamela Miller Ness

Roberta Dominice

Isobel Neuberger

Maureen and Steve Neumaier

John and Barbara Neumann

Elizabeth Neureiter-Seely

Mark R. Nevelezer

Caroline Nevil

Laura Neville

Nancy Nevinskas

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Newcomb Jr.

Eleanor R. Newell

Gary Newman

Helene Newman

Jeanne Newman 

Ronald and Karen Newman 

Nancy S. Newton

Laurel Newton

Noel and JoBeth Nichols

Susan and Scott Nichols

Melissa Nicholson

Olympia Nicodemi

Josephine O. Nielsen

Michelle Niescierenko

Christopher J. Nieznanski

Joan Nimeh

John C Ninfo II

Ella Noble 

Anne Nofziger and Alec O’Connor 

Margaret Nolan

Timothy and Carolyn Nolan

J. Nolan

John Nolan

Lisa Nolan

Ray Nolan

Claire Noonan

Linda Norak

Jason and Lea Nordhaus

James Norman

Karen Norman

Dr. Suzie Noronha

Christine and John Norris

Laura Norris

Janet M. Northrup

Susan and Chester Norton

Jane Notides

Frank Novak

Milena Novy-Marx

Werner and Hanna Nowack 

Esther Nowak

Phillip Nowak

Mr. David E. Nowatka

Frederick Nuernberg

Paul Nugent

Joan and Beryl Nusbaum

Barbara Nussmann

Susan Nutt

Hannah Nutter-Singal

Jann Nyffeler

Vickie A Nyhan

Michael O’Reilly

Jason Oaks

Peggy and David Oakes

T. K. and Ann Oates 

Jennie Oberholtzer

Lawrence and Kathleen Oberlies 

Maureen Oberman

Dr. John D. Obourn

Peter J. Obourn

Suzanne J. O’Brien

Bob O’Brien

Diane O’Brien

Donald and Jo-Ann O’Brien 

John F. and Patricia O’Brien 

Kevin and Pam O’Brien

Matthew Obrien

Philip A. and Elaine O’Brien 

Sue O’Brien

Thomas O’ Brien

W. Smith and Jean O’Brien

Jim Ockenden

Leigh O’Connell

Reid and Lynn* O’Connell

William J. O’Connor, Jr.

Elena O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Mary O’Connor

Patrick O’Connor

Dr. Avice O’Connell and Dr. Timothy O’Connor

Peter Oddleifson and Kay Wallace

Carol O’Donnell

Katherine O’Donnell

Maureen O’Donnell

S Gie Oey

Mrs. Leonard Ofsowitz

Robert Ogara, Sr.

Amy Ogden

Jimmy and Karen Ogle

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Ognigene

Mary O’Grady

Mrs. Frieda O’Hanlon

Jonathan O’Hara

Marjorie Oi

Margie Ojea

Joanne O’Keefe

Susan O’Keefe

Eric Olear

Judy O’Leary-Sargeant

James J. Oleksyn

Elizabeth and Charles Olin, M.D.

Elena Oliveri

Susan Oliveri

Alaina Olivieri

Dr. Stephen Olmsted

Thor O. and Susan Olsen

Diane Olson

Karen Olson

Rusty and Jeanette Olson

David Onderdonk

William O’Neal

Daniel and M. O’Neill 

Stephen and Nancy Onofrey 

Deborah Onslow

Richard S. and Susan Onze 

Ms. Yoko Ooyama

Robert and Betty Oppenheimer

Michael Orem

Jim and Linda Orgar

Craig Orlowski and Lynn Garfunkel

Heidi Oros

Debra and George Orosz

Susan Orr

Joyce M. Orrico

Mildred Ortbach

David Ortiz

Edna Ortiz

Lizz Ortolani

Mary Ortolani

Donna Osborne

Keith and Lori Osgood 

Lori and Louis Osgood

Jeremiah J. Oshea

Elizabeth Osta and George VanArsdale

Mr. Carl Oster

Joseph Oster

Loron Oster

Peter and Frances Osterling 

Phil Osterling 

Jory Osterptak

Sheila B. Ostly

Jeffrey Oswald

Maria Otero

Megan O’Toole

Randall and Kate Ott 

Susan Z. Ott

Graham Ottoson

Sue Ouellette

Janet Outlaw

Jack and Marianne Overcash 

Donald Overfield

Philip Overfield

David and Diane Overy

Catherine Ovitt

Bliss Owen

Griffen Owen

David E. Owens

Robert Owens

W. Brian and Marjorie Oyer 

Ms. Mary L. Pabrinkis

Mrs. Virginia S. Pacala

Laurel Pace

Mr. Anthony Pacilio

Patrick Pacitti

Barb Packer

Lori Packer

Richard T. and Sandra L. Padget 

Maria Padilla

Joan Padulo

John and Diane Paganelli 

Joseph and Nancy Pagano

Lily Page

Damodar Pai

Myrna and Gary Paige

Mrs. Richard Palermo

Joyce T. Paley

Dr. Vivian Palladoro

Ms. Lydia Susan Palmer

Sandra Palmer

Mr. John Palocy

Phil R. Palumbo

Thomas Palumbo

Vincent Pandolfi

Thomas Panek

Eric and Penelope Pankow

James Papazissimos

Duane Paquin

Laurie Parfitt

Christine Parker

Deborah S. Parker

George Parker

Jane Parker and Francis Cosentino

Marcia J. Parker

Sandra A. Parker* and John M. Summers

Tom Parker

Valerie Parker

Zachary and Sally Parker

Mary Beth and Jeffrey Parker 

Jonathan R. Parkes and Dr. Marcia Bornhurst Parkes

Aurelia Parks

Rebecca Parks

Dolores F. Parlato

Janet Parnapy

Michelle Parnett-Dwyer

Patricia and Philip Parr

John and Diane Parrinello

Donald A. and Gretchen T. Parry 

Helen Partridge

Peter Parts

Ms. Lynda Pasco

John Pascucci

Julie Pasternack

Sandra Patla

Nancy and David Patrick

Barbara Patterson

Patricia Patterson

Craig Pattison

Patricia Patton

Stewart and Sandra Patton

Maureen E. Paul

Barbara Paulick

Mr. Lynn C. Paulson

Ms. Patricia Jane Pauly

Marcella S. Pavelka

Martin Pavelka

Angela Pavone

John Pawlak

David Payne

Dietlinde Payne

Donna Payne

Glenn and Susan Paynter 

Marian Payson and Helen Wiley

Mr. Robert E. Pearles

David Pearson

Glen Pearson

Richard Pearson

Kevin and Christine Peartree

Jean E. Pedersen

Robert Pedzich

Jonathan Peebles

Walter and Nancy Peek 

Sarah Peers

Douglas and Rose Peet

Melissa Peets

E. Holmes Pelcher

Thomas C. Pellett

Lori Peloquin and Ted Retzlaff

Manuel Peña

Christopher A. Pennell

Thomas Penner

Sandra Pennise

Beth Perdan

Lou and Betsy Pereira 

Joyce Perelli

Wanda Perez

Erma Perkins

David and Marjorie Perlman

Camille Perlo

Peter Pero

Theresa Perotti

Rob and Jessica Perrilleon

Adrienne Perrin

Mr. and Mrs. R. John Perrin

Angela Perrotto

Mary-Ellen Perry

Dee and Horace E. Perry

John Perry

Douglas Perryman

Mr. Louis Perticone

Joseph Pestino

Kersti A. Peter

Mary Ann and Jeffrey Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Peters

Diane Peters

Gerald and Patricia L. Peters 

Jerry Peters

Nancy Peters

Peter W. and Sarah Peters

Mrs. Shirley Peters

Carole J. Peterson

Jeanne Peterson

Robert and Penny Peterson

Christine Petote

Joseph Petralia

Sandra Petralia

Natasha Petrenko

Vasilii Petrenko

Thomas W. Petrillo and William R. Reamy

Barb Petty

Sarah Peyre

Kurt Pfeiffer

Daniel and Virginia Phelps 

Katherine Phelps

Laurie Phelps

James J Philippone Jr

Barbara Phillips

Chris Phillips

Douglas and Diana Phillips

Elizabeth V. Phillips

Mrs. Elke E. Phillips

Gavin Phillips

Jennifer J. Phillips

Linda Phillips

Margaret Phillips

Mr. Richard A. Phillips

Mark and Ruth Phinney 

Ann Piato

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Piazza

Mr. and Mrs. Dom C. Piazza

Mildred Piccione

Joe Picciotti

Tricia Piccirilli

Angela B. Pichichero

Dr. Michael Pichichero

Robert Picken

Barbara Pierce

Christina Pierce

Mary Elaine Pierce

Preston Pierce

Tina Pietropaoli

Anthony and Mary Anne Pietrzykowski 

Lynn Pigage

Darren M. Pike

Olga Pikul

Mary Pilat

Darren Pilato

Allyson and Webster H. Pilcher

Greg Pilgrim

Ann and Bruce Pillman

Nefetari Pinnock

Gary Pino

Linda Piontek and Rick Young

Tim Pios

Judith Pipher

Johann Piquion

Marlena E. Pirri

Marlene K. Piscitelli

Elizabeth Y. Pixley

David C. Pixley and Laura V. Morrissey

Melvin and Dorene Pizer

Robert and Mabelle Pizzutiello

William R. Platzer

Gloria and Karl Pleger

Randy Plimpton

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Poduska

Patricia J. Pogue

Elyssa Pohl

Joyce and Victor Poleshuck

Daniela Polidor

Edward and Patricia Polidor 

Keith Polidor

Janet Polk

Dr. Lee Pollan

Jeremiah Pollock

Adele Polomski and Vic Ronchetti

Stephanie Polowe

Cynthia Pontbriant

Margery Poon

Carolyn Popnik

Richard and Patricia Porr 

James and Joyce Porrey 

Everett Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Porter

Janet Porter

Richard and Suzanne Portland 

Sarah Posegate

Peter Posson and Nancy Posson

Linda E. Postler

Dr. Adam Potter

Christine Potter

Frank Potter

Virginia Potter

Larry C. Pough and Brenda Murphy-Pough 

Cynthia Povero

Katie Povero

Olita and Edward Povero

Janice Powalski

Frances Powarzynski

Brock and Sandra* Powell

Dawn M. Powell

Kathleen Powell

Patricia Powell

Timothy Powell

H.R. Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Powers

Beth and Lyle Prairie

Ronald and Alice Pratt 

Ronald and Karen Premo 

Bill Prest

Brian Preston

Judith M. Prevratil

Charles and Donna Prey 

Harry J. and Margaret H. Price

Tara Price

Ellen Prill

Adam Prince

Patricia Prince

David D. and Jane P. Principe 

Donald and Susan Pritchard 

Joanne Prives

Mary Jane Proschel

Eloise Prostka

Matt Pruett

Michael and Christine Pryor 

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Przybylowicz

Richard S. Przysinda, Jr.

Sally Psaila

Alice and Andrew Publow

Scott Pugliese

Amanda Puitiza

Janice Wedmore Pulaski

Patricia Pullano

Sue G. Pullano and Joseph V. Pullano 

Bill and Beverly Pullis

William* and Barbara Pulsifer

Robin Pulver

Rich Pulvino

Kathy Purcell

Erin Purington

Venkat Purushotham

Brent Purvis

Robyn Putney

Shenandoah Putney

Terry Pyles

Anne Pytlak

Margaret Quackenbush

Sue Quackenbush and Rob Duffner

Hope Quallo

Quan Quan

Lisa Quetchenbach

Karen K. Quinn

Melissa Quinn

Robert and Anne Quivey

Masha Rabkin

Diane Rabson

Jay and Margaret Rachfal 

Jerry and Janice Rachfal

Lauren Rachow

Kimberly Raduns

Mr. Mark Raeside

Michael and Linda Raff 

Doris S. Rafoth

David Ragonesi

James and Mary Kay Rahmlow 

Kenneth G. Rainis and Joan M. Rainis

Thomas and Thekla Raisner 

Elizabeth Rajamani

Susan Raju

David Rakov

Margaret Ralph

Sujata Ramaiah

Verity Ramirez

Eileen Ramos

Erika Randall

Nancy Miller-Randall

Jacklin Randall-Ward

Carolyn P. Rankin

Thomas Rapa

Ruth A. Rappaport-Kristal

Gary and Ann Ras 

Judy I. Raschke

Peter and Michele Rase 

Cathy Rasmussen

Saul and Abigail Rasnick

Marika Ratkeviciute

Scott Ratte

Carol Rauber

Cathy Rausch

Marcia Rausch

James and Gail Rawcliffe 

Amanda Rayburn

Julian Rayburn

Mr. Robert F. Read

Nancy and Vincent Reale

Renata Reber

Ms. Michele Rechberger

Phyllis and James Rechtin

Vincent and Evelyn Reda

Jennifer Redding

Bill and Diane Reddy

Susan Redlinski

Dustin Reed

Hayley Reed

James Reed

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reed

Richard and Susan Reed

Alex Reeder

Melissa Reese

Char Reeves

Paul and Beverley Reeves 

Richard L. and Mary L. Reeves 

Stan and Anne Refermat

Marion and Timothy Regan

Mrs. Sue Reh

Johanna Rehbaum

Cindy Reid

David and Mary Kay Reid 

Richard and Carol Reid

Mary Reiff

Charles and Barbara Unison

Cathleen Reilly

Taryn Anne Reilly

Ms. Susan Reindel

Donna Reiner

Mrs. Edith C. Reinhard

Aileen Reis

Nancy V. Reitkopp

Rene Reixach

Lloyd and Ruth Relyea 

Casey Remer

Rivajeta Rene

Amanda Renko

Kristi Rennekamp

Elizabeth and Eric Rennert

Barbara and James Reno 

Joyce F. Renz

Mark Renz

Raymond Reyes

David A. and Phyllis C. Reynolds 

Carl and Julie Reynolds

Lawrence and Deborah Reynolds

Louise Wallace Reynolds

Sue Reynolds

Thomas P. Rheinstein

Mariana and John Rhoades

Constance Rhoads

Charles J. and Delia Rhodes 

Lisa Rhodes

Juliette Cummings-Rhodes

Ann Rhody

Larry and Elizabeth Rice

Nancy K. Rice

Constance Rice and Mark Pipal

Linda Rice

Missy Rice

Elana Rich

Julia Rich

Robert and Janice Rich 

Sheryl Richard

Margaret E. Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Richards

David and Judy Richardson 

Thomas and Betty Richenderfer 

Dr. Ramon L. and Judith S. Ricker

Shirley Eve Ricker

Susan Ricker

Mrs. Peggy Rickman

Donald and Ernstine Rickner

Janice Ridley

Laurie Riedman

Robert and Ann Reimer

Jacob Riesman

Barbara Riethmeier

Hal Rifkin

Gavin Rigg

Gina Riley

Laurie Riley

Lillian Riley

Thomas Riley and Barbara Kelley 

Donald C. and Kathleen Rimlinger 

Mrs. Jo Anne Rinallo

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rind

Karen M. Rinefierd

Joseph* and Mary Rinere

Tania Ring

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Riordan

Ed and Jeanne Ristau 

Ms Patricia Ristuccia

Drs. Chris and Doria Ritchlin

Douglas and Donna Riter 

Emily Rittenberg

Paul Rivers

Joseph and Lois Rixner 

Toufic and Anne Rizk 

Teresa Robach

Douglas and Maureen Robb 

John Robb

Nancy Robbins

Brandon Robbins

David and Sally Robbins 

Diane Robbins

Nancy and Art Roberts

Deborah L Roberts

Todd Roberts

Nathan J. and Susan S. Robfogel

Ashok Robin

Anthony Robinson

Dianne Robinson

Ellen E. Robinson

Ellie Robinson

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon N. Robinson

Marion Swett Robinson

Suzanne Robinson

Jeanne Robison

Linda Roca

Phillip Rockwell

Ronald Rockwell

Susan Rockwell

John A. Rodella

Anne Rodgers

Reginald Rodgers

Samuel Rodgers

Andrew Rodman

Milka Rodriguez

Bruce Roe

Mrs. Noreen Roesser

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rogan

James Roger

Candice and Paul Rogers

Carolyn and Vincent Rogers 

Michelle and Charles Rogers

Mr. Donald Rogers

Kristina Rogers

Royce Rogers

Galina Rogova and Alexander Ryskin

Dr. Marie Rolf and Mr. Robin Lehman

Patricia and James Roman

Mr. Peter P. Romeo

Stephanie Romney

Ms. Betsy Romson

Thomas Ronan

Deborah Ronnen and Sherman Levey*

Michael Rood

Sara Rook

Luis Rosado

Martin and Sharon Rose 

Amelia Rosedale

Dr. Gerald and Maxine Rosen

Dr. Harry and Ellen Rosen

Richard and Margery Rosen

Hon. Richard M.* and Mrs. Judith K. Rosenbaum

Nancy and Bernard Rosenberg 

Sunny* Rosenberg

Nellie J. Rosenberg

Paul and Suzanne Rosenberg

Bob and Gail Rosenberg

Hannah and Arnold Rosenblatt

Dick and Bea Rosenbloom

Elise and Stephen* Rosenfeld

Gloria and Irving Rosenstein 

Ken and Carol Rosenthal 

Anne Ross

Dr. and Mrs. Harold S. Ross

Michael Ross

Rita Ross

Thomas and Elizabeth Ross

Mr. William A. Ross and Mrs. Kathleen M. Ross

Meredith Rossborough

Jamal and Pam Rossi

Sue Rossi

Marc Rossow

Andrew Rotando

Charlotte Roth

Katherine Roth

Lawrence Rothenberg

Peter M. Rothfuss

Jeanne Rowe

Howard J. and Donna D. Rowe 

Joanna Rowe

Leslie Rowe

Anne Rowlands

Jeanne A. Roy

Peter Royle

Anna Roztocil

Patricia Rozzo Leadley

Donald and Linda Rubens 

Dr. Alice Rubenstein

Arnie and Libby Rubenstein

Elaine Rubenstein

Jacqueline and Jeffrey Rubenstein

Kristin Rubin

Dr. and Mrs. G. Theodore Ruckert

Jack and Linda Ruda 

Pete Rudak

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Rudd

Fritz Ruebeck

Margaret Ruehle

David Ruekberg

Brenda and Steven Ruether

Chuck and Sandy Ruff

Jordan Ruff

Carolyn and Charles Ruffing

John B. Rumsey and Elizabeth Pine

Katharine Rupp

Mr. and Mrs. Harris H. Rusitzky

Tom and Ellen Rusling

Hon. Franklin T. and Cynthia Russell

Susan Russell

Hector E. Russomando

Wallace R. Rust

John Rutigliano

Robin and Mary Rutkowski 

Susan Rutkowski

Drs. Daniel and Charlotte Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ryan, Sr.

Kathleen M. White-Ryan

Mary Ryan

Sheila H. Ryan

William and Joan Ryan 

Alice Ryan-Samons

Jean Ryon

Carlos Sabbagh

Mr. James R. Sabey

Louis Sabo

Camille Sackett

Sanel Sadibasic

Dorothy Sadick 

Michael Sadler

Laurie Sagona

Drs. Carl and O.J. Sahler

Ginette and Bruce Sahs 

Jennifer Sainsbury and Grace Sainsbury

Dr. Frank and Elizabeth Salamone

Mrs. Bonnie B Sale

Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Salerno, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Salesin

R. Salis

Paul Salisbury

Ronald and Linda Sallade

Ron and Sharon Salluzzo

Henry P. Salmin

Dan and Risa Saltzman 

Robert and Hedria Saltzman 

Jeanne Salvaggio

Carolyn Salvatore

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Salzer

Rosemary Samentello

Carol Samuel

Ms Carol Samuel

Mary Ellen Sanchez

Robert and Nancy Sands 

William Sands

Ms. Yvonne J. Saner

Geoffrey Sanford

Steve and Anne Sanford

Irene M. Sanger

Keith Sanger

Joanne Sant

James Santa

Mrs. Robert M. Santo

Dr. Alvani D. and Carol M. Santos

Ms. Karen Santucci

Ed and Gabriel Saphar

John Sapunor

John F. Sargent

Tom and Linda Sargent 

Walter J. Sargent

Zachery Sargent

Norma Sarvey

Ron Sassone

Hilda Satran

Linda Saucke

Mr. Wesley Sauke

Drs. Eva and Jude Sauer

Carol Saunders

David Sauter

Michelle White-Savage

Melanie Savidis

Gary and Barbara Sawtelle

Bradley Sawyer

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Sawkyo

Sharon Sayers

Allen Scalise

Frank Scalise

Mr. Tony Scalise

Janet Scally

Patrick and Joanne Scanlon

Susan Scanlon and Croft K. Hangartner

Donald and Eileen Scardino 

Susan Scarlato

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Scatterday

Darrell and Barbara Scattergood

Robert* and Letty Gail Schacht

Gary B. Schaefer

Katherine Schaefer and Alexander F. Rosenberg 

William and Cynthia Schaefer 

Betty Schaeffer

David A. Schaeffer

Paul Schaeffer

Kim Schaff and Roger Young

Christine Schaller

Frederick Schamu and Melinda Borshoff 

Beatrice and Richard Schantz 

David and Antonia Schantz

John J. Schantz

Nancy L. Scharlock and Randall Zea 

Richard Schechner

John and Diane Scheible

Judene Scheidt

Robert and Junene Scheidt 

Dr. Neil R. Scheier

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Schenck

Mary Schenk

Mr. and Mrs. Werner Schenk

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schenkel

Howard and Arlene Schenker 

Sophie Schertzer

Robert Scherzi

Lewis Schiavi

Daniel Schiavone

Marc H. Schieber

Maryann Schifitto

Paul Schill

Scott Schindler

David Schinsing

June Schirmer

Kenneth P. Schirmuhly

Chris Schjorring

Robert and Cynthia Schlauch

William and Sara Schleigh 

Joyce Schlosser

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Schmeelk

Constance Schmeer

Lida and Bernie Schmerbeck

Roseann Schmid

Greg Schmidt

Hildegarde A. Schmidt

Paul and Barbara Schmied

Brittanie Schmieder

Diane Schmitt

Mrs. Erika Schmitz

Rina Schnaufer

Donald and Diana Schneider 

Dawn and Jim Schnell

Henry and Barbara Schnepf 

Suzanne and Michael Schnittman

D.A. Schock

Marie Schoenacker

Charlene Schoenenberger

Robert and Joanne Schoenfeld

Dr. Luke Schoeniger

Thomas Schofield

Abbie H. Schonfeld

Peter Schott and Mary Jane Tasciotti

Eloise Schrag

Morton and Marion Schrager 

Nancy and David Schraver

Dan and Clare Schreiber

Mike and Nancy Schreiber 

Carol and Axel Schreiner

John Schrenker

Edward Schreyer

David and Naomi Schrier

Linda Schriever

Audrey Schroeder

Bernard and Mary Schroeder

Elaine Schroeder

Jack and Elizabeth Schroeder

Mary Schroeder

Nathan Schroeder

Robert Schroeder

Meghan Schubmehl

Jeff Schuetz

David Schuh

Dr. Karen Schuhle-Williams

Drs. David and Carolyn Schuler

Mr. and Mrs. William Schuler

Ira H. Schulman

Mr. and Mrs. William Schultz

William Schultze

Jeanne Schum

Katherine T. and Jon L. Schumacher

Joan M. Schumaker

Robert Schuman

Elizabeth Schuppenhauer

Arthur and Kathryn Schuster

Lawrence Schuth

Diana D. Schwalbe

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Schwardt

George J. Schwartz, M.D., and Paula Maier

Herb and Natalie Schwartz

Jeffry A. Schwartz and Marcia O’Brien 

Martha and Tom Schwartz 

Richard and Vicki Schwartz

Ronald G Schwartz

Terry K. Schwartz

Heidi B. Schwarz, M.D.

Christine Schwenker

Ferdinand Schweser

David Schwind

Anthony and Gloria Sciolino 

Janet and Vito J. Sciscioli

Mrs. E. Robert Scott

Andrew Scott

Barbara Lee Scott

Eileen Scott and Phillip Pollot 

Glynis Scott

Malcolm Scott

Steven and Colleen Scott

Sylvia A. Patterson-Scott

Leslie Scott-Lindler

Shirley Scripture

Christal M. Scriver-Wilk

Kelly Scudder

Michael Scudder

Craig Seablom

Ned Seachman

Michelle Seager

Nicholas Seaman

Ms. Anna Sears and Mr. Alan Singer

Brian and Nancy Sears

Susan Sears

Robert E. Seawall

Mary M. Secours

Et Manu Et Corde Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

Patricia Wright Seeberg

Catherine and Richard Seeger

Beth Seeley

Mr. and Mrs. Dunham B. Seeley

Rose Marie Seewagen

Nadia E. Sefein

Mildred Sefranek

Joan and Arthur Segal

David Segal

Anca Seger

Mona Seghatoleslami

Grace Seiberling

John and Karen Seibold 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Seigel

Theresa A. Seil and Debra Celestino

Tom Seils

David Sek

Libba and Wolf Seka

Carolyn S. Selbig

Arlene Seligman

Neil Seligman

Ms. Laurie Seltzer

Joanne M. Selvaggio

Maryann Sementelli

Karl and Mary Semmel 

Catherine Senecal-Rice

Ms. Alice Sengle

Susan Sengle

Susan Senise

Rich Sensenbach

Rose Marie Sepos

Ms. Margaret Serafine

Aaron Serenati

Dr. Jenny C. Servo and Mr. John Servo

Gail Settle

Travis Severance

J. Severson

Gerard T. Severynse

Abigayle Sewnauth

Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Sexton

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Seymour

Nancy Shadd

Robert Shaddock

Gerard and Maria Shafer 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Shafer

Jean A Shafer

William and Edna Shafer 

Prabodh and Christine Shah

Ummara Shah

David Shaheen

Raymond and Kathleen Shaheen

Joseph and Mary Kathryn Shanahan

Patrick and Jeanne M. Shanley 

Maureen Shannon

Susan Adragna Shannon

Yardena and Yonathan Shapir

Catherine Shapiro

Naomi Shapiro

Robert E. and Susan H. Shapiro

Sheldon and Linda Shapiro 

Yelena Shapiro

David J. Sharkey

Kara Sharp

Gary and Judy Shaw

John Shaw

John and Shirley Shaw

Muriel Shaw

Bradford and Sandy Shea

Marit Sheffield

Donald Sheffrin

George Sheldon

Ruth Sheldon

Mary Shelley

Edward and Marjorie Shelly 

William Shelly

Sonja and Wayne Shelton

Jason Shen

Erik Shepard

James Sheppard

Elana Sherman

George Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sherman

Rachel Sherman

Ronald W. and Marie Sherman 

Russell D. Sherman

Shepard Sherman

Tandi Sherman

Dominic and Monica Sherony 

Beth Sherry

Charleene Sherwood

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sherwood

Paul and Joy Shewan

Robert and Nancy Shewan

Meaghan Shields

Nicholas Shields

Michelle Shim

Richard and Joanne Shimko

Mrs. Caroline Shipley

Jennifer Shook

Judith Short

Michael and Lindsey Short 

Regina Short

Robert L. Shrader

Peter and Diane Shrager

Denice Shuba

Jane W. Shuffelton

Carol C. Shulman

Harriett Shulman

Allison Shultes

Donna Broberg Shum

Mrs. Shirley Shumway

Andrew Shupinski

Sally Shushan

Boris and Elena Shusteff

Jennifer Sica

Martin and Wilma Sickels 

Barbara Siebert

Mary Sieburg

Ken and Dorothy Siegel 

Christopher Sievers

Melissa Siewert

Ms. Kathleen Sigler

Millie and Dennis Sigler

Sigma Alpha Iota – Rochester Alumnae Chapter

John Signorino

Vincent Silenzio

Geoff Silkey

Margaret and Dan Silver 

Naomi Silver

Ms. Donna G. Silverman

Lisa and Michael Silverstein 

Sara Silverstone

Karen Simmonds

Hezekiah and Ann Marie Simmons 

V. Cheri Simms

Elaine and Leonard S. Simon

Elaine Simon

Kristen and Nathan Simon

Tracy Simon

Mr. Robert Simonds

Matthew Simonis

Adam Simpson

Geoffrey Simpson

Joseph Simpson

Joanne Sims

Sarah Sinack

Daniel and Sarah Singal

Rajesh Singaravelu

Alan Singer

Simi E. Singer

Joseph and Mary Sirianni 

Kathleen Sisson and William Dalton

Robert and Mary Jane Skarzynski 

Ellen Skeels

Jean Skillman

Frank and Ruth Sklarsky 

Ron Skuse

Skyline High School Sunshine Club

Patricia G. Sladden

Timothy and Karen Sladden

Jessica Slais

Kenneth and Joan Slater

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Slattery

Alice and Ken Slining

Nancy Slomba

Robert and Maura Slon

Linda Sloyer

Wilson Sloyer

David Sluberski and Dr. Sandra Sluberski

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Smith

Alice Smith

Allison Smith

Amy and Scott Stratton-Smith

Andrew and Mary Jo Smith 

Carolynn Smith

Catherine Smith

Lynn Smith

David and Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth G. Smith

Eva L. Smith

Mrs. Smith

Fred and JoAnne Smith 

Gary Smith

Heidi Smith

Herbert Smith

Jaci Smith

James Smith

James and Emily M. Smith 

Jenni Smith

JoAnne and Fred Smith

Joan Smith

Joann Smith

Joanne Smith

Judith and Michael Smith 

Ms. Katherine Smith

Kathleen Smith

Kathryn Smith

Linda J. Smith

Lisa A. Smith

Lisa Smith

Lois K. and Douglas N. Smith 

Marjorie J. Smith*

Mark Smith

Martin and Karen Smith

Matthew Smith 

Ms. Maxine M. Smith

Meredith Smith

Nancy Smith

Parania Smith

Robert Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wayland-Smith

Rodger and Jeanie Marie Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Smith

Susan Smith

Terry Smith

Thomas Smith 

Wendell F. and Mimi Smith 

William and Terrill Smith

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Smith

Jeffrey Smitley

Kenneth and Kari Smoker

Bruce and Laura Smoller

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smout

Dennis Sneddon

Judy Snell

Timothy Snell

Carol Snook, in memory of Richard Snook

Carter Snowden

Nancy and Joseph Snyder

Ms. Rachel Snyder

Robert and Norma Snyder

Walter and Deborah Snyder

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Sobel

Ashley Christensen-Sobel

Elizabeth Soffer

Timothy Soine

Patrick Solan

Irwin and Ellen Solomon 

Rebecca Solomon

Ed and Sarah Solorzano 

Martin Soloway

Stuart Ira Soloway and John Hennessey

David and Nina Somers 

Andrea Somerville

Michelle Sommerman

Soon-Il Song 

Michael and Julie Sonnenberg

Mary Sonneville

Dr. Patricia Sorce

Anne Sorensen

Ellen Sorensen

James Sorensen

Janet H. Sorensen

M.J. Sorensen and Tad N. Tarrant 

Larry Sorrell

Gail Soucy

Aileen Sousa

Paula Sousa

Timothy W. Southern

Sidney E. Southworth

Valpuri Sovero

Laura Sozio

John Spacher

Kristl and Peter Spalding

Teresa Spano

Wes Sparkes

Lincoln and Susan Spaulding 

Wayne Spaulding

Malcolm and Elaine Spaull 

Mr. and Mrs. David Speach

Michelle Spear

David Spector

Donna Spector

Kathy Speer

Charles H. Speirs

Mr. Richard R. Spellicy

Jen Spencer

Kenneth Spencer

Ms. Suzanne Spencer

Linda Spillane

Francis Spinelli

Susan Spinelli

Lauren Spitaliere

Mary Rebecca Spitz

Sally Spitzer

Betsy Sprague

Whit and Jennifer Sprague

June T. Spratt

Richard K. Sprenkle

Casey Springstead

Jeffrey and Lyn Springut

Mr. John Sproul

Alissa Sprout

Vicki Spurr

Ralph Squire

Mr. Richard St. James

Gail and David St. Clair

Charles and Cindy St. George 

Ms. Maureen A. Stables

Dean Stacey

Jean and Harold Stacey

Walter Stacker

Barb Stahl

Gerald and Susan Stahl

Richard Stahr

Robert Stalter

Sally Stander

Joseph and Vickie Stankaitis 

Ingrid Stanlis

Ms. Lucinda Stanton

Daniel and Susan Stare

Howard and Nancy Stark

James and Doris Starks 

Sister Barbara Staropoli

Charmaine F. Starr

Jim and Dora Stauffer

John and Anne Stavisky 

Lea Stavoli

Mary Stazie

Kenneth T. and Eva M. Steadman

Mrs. Marilyn H. Steane

Cory Steckler

Lynn Steenberg

Arthur and Catherine Steffen 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Stehler

Dave Steider

Carol Steiger

Berl Stein

Donna Stein

Ira and Maria Stein 

Sandra and Richard Stein

Barry Steinberg

Elizabeth Steinberg

John and Susan Steinbrenner

Janet Steiner

John Steiner, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Steiner

Richard and Judith Steinheider

Marylouise Steinwachs

Sally Steinwachs

David and Cathy Steklenski 

Sonja Stenclik

Edward J. and Deborah M. Stendardi 

Dianne Stengel and Jack Mottley

Georgine and James Stenger

Ann Marie Stephan

Henry Stephens

Eileen Sterchi

Abby and David Stern

Elliott and Judy Stern 

Joan Stern

Judith Sternberg

Leslie Stern-Gastel

Elizabeth and Robert Sterrett

Alisa Stetzer

Ann H. Stevens and William J. Shattuck

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Stevens

Lloyd Stevens

Nancy Stevens and David Williams

Mr. Robert A. Stevens

Rob and Katja Stevens

Brendan Stevenson

Mary* and Robert Stevenson

C. Stewart

Mrs. William D. Stewart

John Stewart

K. Stewart and H. Stewart

Shana Stewart

Jim Stickney

Ms. Claire S. Stieg

Bob and Gayle Stiles

Michael and Susan Stinson 

Dr. Fred Stock

Harold and Jane Stock 

Nancy Stocker

Sally Stocum

Lise H. Stoddard

Stephen Stoker

Judith and Michael Stone

Martha K. and Randall Stone

Alan and Ruth Stork 

Keith and Patricia Stott

Gary and Shari Stottler 

Ralph and Maureen Stover

Ann Strachan

Anne-Marie Strasenburgh

Mrs. Alexander L. Strasser

William and Jane Stratton 

Carol Strawbridge

Jeanne Strazzabosco

Joyce Strazzabosco

Andrea Strecker

Trudy and Vincent Strenk

Susan Striegel

William Stringer

David and Grace* Strong

William and Carol-Sue Strusz

Tara Strutton

Michael and Kathryn Struzik 

William Stuart

Steven Stubblefield

Deborah Stuck

Aaron Stuckey

Spencer Studwell and Debra Rhoten 

Mr. and Mrs. William Stumbo

Mrs. Marcia Sturm

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Sturmer

Michele Egan-Sturtevant

Barbara Stwertka

Glen and Lynne Suckling

Laura Sugarwala

Mrs. Ina Suher

David and Christine Sage Suits

Anne Sullivan

Barbara Sullivan

Barry and Dorothy Sullivan

Emma Sullivan

Erin Sullivan

Ms. Kathleen Sullivan

Laura Sullivan

Robert Sullivan

Ms. Marcia Summers

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sundberg

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sundman

Raymond J. Suriani

Bernard and Katherine Sussman

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Suter

Craig and Jennifer Sutherland

Leigh Sutherland

Susan B. Sutliff and Robert C. Sutliff

Donna Sutton

Greg and Judy Svenheim

Nancy Sverdlik

Harsha Swamy

Susan Swanton

Robert J. Swantz

Steve and Cheryl Swartout

James Swarts

Mary Ellen Sweeney

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Sweeney

Chad Swenson

Kari Swenson

Shannon Swiatek

Peter Swift

Robert and Diane Swinehart

Barbara Switalski

Donald Symer

Margaret and Charles Symington

Wayne and Laurie Symonds

Melanie Symoniak

John and Barbara Szulgit

Donna Szymanski

Benjamin Taber

Terry Taber

Ellen Tabone

Ellen K. and Honora Tabone

Miss Mary Tachco

Yuki Taguchi

William Taillie and W.P Taillie Service Inc. 

June Talarico

Andrea Talentino

David Tamarin

Mariko Tamate

Yoshiko Tamura and Bruce M. Lee

Julia Tan

Mary Tantillo and Odysseus Adamides 

Daniel Taramasco

Patrick Taricone and Sharon Silvio 

Rosemary Taub 

Mark and Lois Taubman

Bernadette Taylor

Bruce and Cheryl Taylor 

Douglas F. Taylor

Evie Taylor

James M. Taylor

Lawrence and Elaine Taylor 

Ms. Patricia Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Taylor

Doris Teamerson

Gary and Sue Tebor 

Marilyn Tedeschi

Susan Tedesco

David and Carol Teegarden

Elizabeth Teegarden

Lawrence and Marilyn Z. Teel 

Stephen Teitel

Gail Telesca

Jodi Tellstone

Holly Temming

Richard and Mary Jo TenEyck

Kelly Tennity

Anthony Tepedino

Frank and Carmen Teremy 

Suellen Terranova

Jonathan G. Terry

Alexandra Terziev and Allan Greenleaf

Maria Tette

Troy Tette

Doran Teverovsky

Drs. Jaimala and Krishan Thanik

Bruce Thayer

The Hallowell Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation

Tom and Meg Therkildsen

Meghan Therry and Scott Griswold 

Henry* and Ellen Thiede

Rachel Thireos

Brian Thomas

Chris Thomas and Catherine Cerulli 

Darbbie J. Thomas

Gina and Phillip Thomas

J. Russell and Kathleen Thomas

Jason Thomas

Jeananne Thomas

Jeannine Thomas

Jennifer and Hugh Thomas

John H. Thomas

Miriam Thomas

Paul Thomas

Priscilla Thomas

Jana Thompkins

Bruce Thompson

Donna Thompson

Eric and Sue-Ellen Thompson 

James and Marion Thompson 

John and Pam Thompson 

Nancy J. Thompson

Neil Thompson

Rob Thompson

Linda Thomsen

Jill M. Thomson

Robert and Alicia Thomson

William Thomson

Roberta Thornbury

Mary Bridget Thull

Elizabeth and David Thurnherr

George and Sally Thurston 

Arthur Ticknor

Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Tiebout

Amanda Tierson

Cheryl Tiffany

Mimi and Sam Tilton

Brian Timberlake

Jennifer B. Timmer

Marie Timpani

Blair Tinker

Patricia Tinling

Dr. Thomas N. Tischer

Michael Tiss

James Tobin

Lynne Tobin

Robert and Patricia Tobin 

Jan and Iraida Toke

Michael and Beverly Tomaino 

Mary E. Tomczak

Emilie Tomkinson

James R. and Patricia Tompkins 

Tim Tompkins

Mrs. Linda N. Toole

Sanford R. and Linda Toole

Michael Toombs

Walter Toot

Christine Topel

Karin Topfer

Celia and Doug Topping

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Tornatore

Tom and Janice Tornatore

Marcia Torpey

William and Donna Torpey 

Sam* and Helen U. Tortorici

Livia and Ralph Toscano

Louise Johnson-Toth and Gregory Toth 

Mrs. John F. Toth

H. Steven and Dianne Towers 

Bill and Mary Anna Towler

Kathleen Towner

Jennifer Townsend

Jim Townsend

Mrs. Schuyler Townson

Adam Towsley

Linda Trachtman

Lawrence F. Tranello

Ken and Mollie Traub

Jill and James Traver

Mr. and Mrs. George Treier

Jeffrey and Sharon Trest 

Shaun Trible

Mr. John S. Tritten

Donald and Nancy Trott

Josephine S. Trubek

Louise Trucks and Kenneth Cohen

J. True and S. Schattschneider

Susie Truesdell

Renee Trzaska

Mr. Pin Tschang

Anne Tucker

Diane Tucker

Ginny Tucker and Sara Berger 

Tom and Mollie Tucker

Steve Tulgan

Mike and Ellen Tuohey

Sally Turner

Charles Turner

Douglas Turner

Jennifer Turner

Keith and Susan Turner 

Laurel Turner

Pamela M. Turner

Carol Tyler

John and Janet Tyler

Mrs. Marshall Tyler

M. Tyndall

Elizabeth Tyson

Thomas Tyson

Russel Uhrenholdt

Walter and Joan* Uhrman

John Ulatowski

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ulinski

Noah Ullmann

Jacqueline C. Ulmer

Eugene and Gloria Ulterino

Mr. Matthew Ulterino

James and Karen Unckless

Joyce Underberg and Stan Rodwin 

Margaret Underhill

Andrea and John Unson

Hermann Unvericht

Philip Unwin

Joan Updaw

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Upson

Lylas Uradomo

Grace Urban

Mrs. Sam Urzetta

Nataliya Usachev

Sheree Usiatynski

Richard and Lenette Usselman 

Krestie Utech

Dr. Mark and Mrs. Lois Utell

Rosemary Utz and Douglas Jones

Rebecca Uzelmeier

Bonnie and Ted Vaccarella

Joanie Valenti

Dr. William M. Valenti

Kathy Valentine

Lindsay Valentino

Christine Valerio

Mary and James Valerio

Jane Vallely

Todd Vallie

Kimberly Vallilee

James Vallino and Charlene Varnis

Charles and Susan Van Buren

Paul and Ginger Van Der Meid 

Denise Van Deroef

Mrs. John Van Dussen

Bruce and Lauri Van Hise 

Betsy Van Horn*

Hugh and Sue Van Horn

John and Barbara Van Kerkhove

Greg Van Laeken

Diane Van Lare

Jim Van Meter and Marlene Piscitelli

Paul and Joan Van Ness

Ann and Robert Van Niel

David Van Scoy

David N. Van Slyke

Randy and Mary Van Vranken

Peg Van Wie

Judith S. VanBramer

Mary E. Vande Logt

James Vandemark

Lynelle Vandenberg

Wayne and Anne Vander Byl

Arlene and Derek Vanderlinde

RJ VanDoren

Allyn VanDusen

Burton and Joanne Vane 

Gary and Marie VanGraafeiland

Judy VanHeusen

Mr. and Mrs. John Vanhooydonk

Elizabeth Vanill

Mart VanKirk

Doug Vanni

Dale Vanocker

Kathleen VanOrden

Lynn VanWuyckhuyse

Dr. Leonard Van Wyk

Jim and Linda Varner

Michael Vasapolli

David and Teresa Vascukynas 

Timothy and Debbie Veazey

Margaret Vecchi

Anthony Vecchiotti

Elaine Vella

Stephen and Linda Venuti 

Ann Ver Hague

Dawn Verdugo

Fruzsina Veress

Thomas and Jeanne Verhulst

Shelley Verma

Timothy M. Verna

Susan Veronda

Don and Marcie VerPloeg

Karen A. Verrone

David Verschage

Mary and Sarah Versprille 

Suzanne Verstraten

Jodi VerWeire

Kathleen Verzillo

Brianna Vespone

Carmen Vianese

Gordana Vickers

Edmund and Gloria Viele

Rocco Viele

Mihai Vieru

Mara M. Vilcins

Michael Villareale

Vivian Villareale

Lisa Vince

James and Margo Vinci 

Vic Vinkey

Joseph Viola

Samantha Vitagliano

Alisa Vitkus

Domenick Vitulli

Mrs Rocco Vivenzio

Gwenn Voelckers

Barb Vogel

Dorothy Vogl

Jennifer and Scott Vogler

Mark Vogler

Alison Vogt

Charles and Deborah Vogt 

John and Anne Vogtle

Neil and Neil Vokes 

Louis J. Volino

Sara Volo

Marissa Volonino

Sophie Volpe

Mrs. Susan B. Volpel

Erik and Judy Von Bucher 

(M) Maria von Rathonyi

Jennifer Voorhees

Virginia E. Vorhis

Chris Vorndran

Michael Vornovitsky

Gretchen Voss

Virignia Vossler

Robert Vosteen

Georgeanne Vyverberg

Barbara Wacht

Marilyn Waddell

Steve Waddell

William Waddell and Linda Rubel

Ms. Mary Wade

Charles and Judy Wadsworth

Charles and Vicky Wadsworth

Jeffrey and Kaija Wadsworth

Naomi W. Wadsworth

Daniel Wagner

Ellen Wagner

Frederick and Barbara Wagner 

John and Judit Wagner 

Rebecca Wagner

Carol Wahl

Lisa Wainwright

Arthur Waite

Stephen H. Waite

Dennis Wake

Michael Wakoff

Beth Walck

Ms. Margaret Walczak

Lisa Waldman

Brian and Jean Waldmiller

Anne Walker

Debra Walker

Harry and Ruth Walker 

James and Barb Walker

John Walker

Justin Walker

Robert and Sandra Walker 

Danielle Wallace

Marjorie Wallace

Melissa Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallace

Shirley A. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. William Wallace

Chris and Mara Wallingford

Julia Walsh

Kara Walsh

Sally Walsh

Mrs Andrea Walter

Amy Walter-Peterson

Megan Walters

Susan Walters

Marsha Walton

Nancy W. Walton

Robert and Coralyn Walton 

Lisa Waltzer

Richard and Valerie Walvoord 

Jason Wanek

Hongyue Wang and Changyong Feng

Francis and Sally Ward 

Marilyn Ward

Mary Ward

Roger Ward

Wanda Ward 

Stacy Wardell

Katherine Wardlow

Lawrence and Diane Wardlow

Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus L. Warfield

Cheryl Warner

Howard Warner 

Ken Warner and Marla Cilento 

Patricia Warner

Susannah Warner

Bernard and Mary Warren

Denise Warren

Shirley Warren

Skip and Karen Warren

Karen Warters

Daniel Washburn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wasley

Vera and Thomas Wasnock 

Julie Waterman

Mark Waters

Kristina Watkins

Thomas and Maureen Watkins

Mrs. Herbert Watkins

Debra Watson

Teryle Watson

James Watters

Mark Watters

James Watts

Robert Waugh

Amy Way

David E. and Theresa A. Weagley

Jean and Sterling L.* Weaver

Dana Webb

Pierce and Elizabeth Webb

Randy Webb

Stephen R. Webb

Mr. and Mrs. David K. Weber

Jennifer Weber

Sandra Weber

Stephen G. and Carla J. Weber 

Betsy and Peter Webster

Ms. Jeanette Webster

Douglas and Diane Weeks

Robert Weeks

Deb Wegman

Meridith Weick

Judy Weidenborner and Gary Shaw

Lynne Weiler

Tom Weiler

Pat Weilnau

Rhea Weimer

Irene and Alan Weinberg

George Weiner

Eleanor Weinstein

Linda and Sherwin Weinstein

Ann D. Weintraub

Mort and Ellen Weintraub 

Robin and Michael* Weintraub

Elizabeth Curtin Weir

Joyce Weir

Annmargaret Weis

Kevin Weise

Bill and Kelly Weisensel

Caryl Weiss and Richard Levinson

Marisa Weiss

Paul and Jan Weitz

Ann Weitzel

Ms. Claire Welch

Karen Welch

Ms. Loretta N. Welch

Patricia Welch

Warren Welch

Jerry and Nancy Welcher

Maria and John A. Weldy 

Miss Delores Welkley

David Weller

Donn Wells

Harry and Linda Wells

Lyndon and Marie Wells 

Susan K. Welt

Ms. Blanche Weltman

Laura Wemett

Lisa C. Wemett

George Wendt

Earl and Virginia Wensel

Mary L. Wenthe

Betty A. Wenzel

Joseph Werner and Diane Smith

Stephen Wershing

Donald and Teresa Werth 

Rev. Robert T. Werth

Ms. Jennifer West and Ms. Carolyn Krueger

Tracy West

Mr. and Mrs. John Westerberg

Mrs. Lelanie Westfall

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Wetterau

Kenneth Wezelis

Joanne Whalen

Kelly Whalen

Dr. and Mrs. Tae B. Whang

Carl and Sharon Wheat

Julie Wheeler

Margo Wheeler

Patricia Wheelhouse

Gretchen Wheelock

W. James and Sally Ann Whelan

Kathleen Whelehan

Judith Whitaker

Carol Whitbeck

Mrs. E. C. Whitbeck III

Laura Whitbeck and Judith Ames

Leanne Whitbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Whitbeck

Laura Whitby

Christopher White and Kelly Deltoro-White 

Constance White

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. White

James and Candice White

John and Sandy White 

Mrs. Judith White

Kathleen White

Ms. Mary White

Mrs. Frederick C. White

Rebecca White

Robert and Linda White

Sarah White

Susan White

Yvonne and Donald White 

Charles and Carolyn Whitfield

Christine and Paul Whiting 

Heather Whiting

Bob and Mary Ann Whitmore

Thomas Whitmore and Marlene Hamann-Whitmore

David and Donna Whitmyre

Jean G. Whitney

Mick and Lisa Whittemore

Dale and Lorraine Whittington

Ms. Christine Wickert

Josephine Wicks

Wendy Wickstrom

Stan and Mary Widger

Neil Wieczkowski

Karin Wieder

Marguerite Wiegand

Kathleen and Ralph Wiegandt

Ed and Wilma Wierenga

Dr. James and Nancy Wierowski

Traci Wiesner

Mrs. John T. Wigg

Chelsea Wiggins

Monique Wihlen

Kae Wilbert

Terry Wilbert

Robert L. Wilcox

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Wilder

Nicole Wiler

Richard F. and Marcia Ann Wilke 

Susan and Paul Wilkens

Sidney and Angela Wilkin 

Cheryl Wilkinson

Karen Willand and Karen Page

Rosemary and Charles Willette 

James H. Willey

Brent and Amy Williams 

Mr. Charlie Williams, Jr.

Daniel Williams and Jennifer Muniak 

Denise M. Williams

Donald Williams

Eleanor Williams

Henry Williams and Barbara Dimmick 

Inger Williams

Shea* and John Williams

Mr. John Williams and Mr. Chuck Lundeen*

Maria Williams

Mary Williams

Nancy Williams

Robin Williamson

Wayne C. Willis

Marta Willit

Donna and David Willome 

Dorothy M. Wilson

Geraldine Wilson

Judith Wilson

Marilyn Wilson

Michael Wilson

Paul and Jo Wilson 

Timothy Wilson

Leonore and Lee Wiltse

Carolyn Winer

Joan Winfield

Lisa Wing

Herbert E. Winkelman

Puck* & Claes Winqvist

Gail Winters

Brian and Lynda Wirth 

Carol Wischmeyer

Allyson Wise

Ben Wise

Herbert and Kathryn Wise 

John and Delphine Wise 

John E. Wise

Kitty J. Wise

Danielle Wisner

Benjamin Wisniewski

Robert Witmer 

John and Laurie Witmeyer 

Helen F. Witt

Robert Whittman

Edward Witzel

Joan Witzel

Ron and Carol Witzel

Karen and Leroy Wix, Jr.

Louise Woerner and Don Kollmorgen

Mr. Chester Wojcicki

Elise and Joseph Wojciechowski

Colleen Wolf

Charles and Susan Wolfe

Fiona Wolfe

Ms. Lois B. Wolff

Beatrice and Michael Wolford

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Woloson

Grace Wong

Mr. and Mrs. Roswell F. Wood

Donald Wood

Gary and Judith Wood

Les and Wanda Wood

Margaret Wood

Robert and Janet Wood 

Sara Wood

Edward Woodams

Elizabeth D. Woodard

Mary and Donald Woodard

Robert A. Woodhouse

Susan Woodhouse

Anne K. Woods

Barbara and James Woods

Desmond Woods

James Woods

Cheryl Woodwell

Joanne Woodworth

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Woody

Laurie Woog

Susan Worboys

Daniel Worden

Elizabeth and Kendric* Worden

Rachel Wormer

Richard Worner

Frank Wozniak

Charlotte J. Wright

Christopher Wright

Jeff Wright and Betty Wells

Joan Wright

Jonathan Wright

Ms. Margaret Wright

Mark Wright and Pamela Ryan 

Nancy Wright

Peggy Wright

Rosemarie Wright

Stephen and Lois Wright

Timothy Wright

Nilei Wu

Peng Wu

Paul and Susan Wuest 

Eileen M. Wurzer

Maura Wychowski

Frances Wyffels

Peter A Wyman

Robert G. Wyman

Rona Wyner

Xiaojuan Xia

Christina Xydias

Geff and Cindy Yancey

Barbara Yannie

Bonnie Yannie

Caroline and Richard Yates 

Charles Yates

Emily Yates

Joyce Yuatteau

Dorothy Yax

Marjory Cleaveland Yeakel

Susan Yee

Laura and Joel Yellin

Amy Yerkes

Sue Yi

Christine Yoo

Carol and Jim Yost

Kevin Yost

Denise Young

Dolores B. Young

Ellen G. Young

Greg Young

Marsha Young

Michelle Young

Phil Young

Rachel Young

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Young

Bill and Wende Young

Lawrence and Susan Yovanoff

Mr. Alex Yudelson

Michael and Carol Yunker 

Nataliya Yurgevich

Beverly Zaffino

Netta and Thomas Zahavi 

Robert and Signe Zale 

Louis Zambelli

Alicia Zambito

Helen A. Zamboni

Michael Zambruski

Lois Zamora

Andrew Zane

Caroline Zane

Mark Zaretsky

Ronald and Carolyn Zarrella

Susan and Maurice Zauderer

Roland and Carol Zavada

Lois and David Zebelman

Anna Zeiler

Margaret Zeiner

Eric Zeise and Ellen Henry

Robert and Deborah Zeman

Martin Zemel and Laura Fulton 

Miss Rowena Zemel

John and Deborah Zemke

Clive and Janet Zent

Joanne Zeppetella

Mr. J. Zerkel

Margarita Zhavoronkova

Mary Ziarniak

Daniel Ziazadeh

Alan Ziegler and Emily Neece 

Bourbon and Becky Ziegler

Marianna Zimmer

Mary Zimmer

Helen Zimmerman

Melissa Zimmerman

Mary Lou and David Zimpfer

Dennis and Patricia Zink 

Gwendolyn Zink

Barbara Anne Zinker

Helen and Sy Zivan

Mr. Anthony J. Zollo

Andrew Zona

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Zornow

James L. Zubert

Michelle Zucaro

Judith Zuckerman

Helen Zumbulyadis

Edward and Lynne Zwick 

Benjamin Zwickl